83rd Annual

Sunday, 9 February 2003
Earth2class: Template for Scientist-Teacher Interactions
Michael J. Passow, Columbia Univ., New York, NY and White Plains Middle School and Teachers College, White Plains, NY; and C. M. Assumpco, C. Bandeirantes, and F. D. Baggio
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The "Earth2Class" (E2C) Workshops for Teachers at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory provide a template for bringing research scientists and classroom teachers together. Such interactions enhance the subject area knowledge of the teachers and excite them about teaching science, while helping scientists to get their discoveries into classrooms. Various aspects of the E2C program have been presented at previous Symposia on Education, so the current presentation will provide updates on the scientific themes included in recent workshops, expansions of educational technology applications, discussion of the efficacy of such a professional development model and new ways by which AMS Education Program materials are made available.

Supplementary URL: http://www.earth2class.org