83rd Annual

Tuesday, 11 February 2003
The Visual Geophysical Exploration Environment: A Scientific Tool-Kit for Learners
Rajul Pandya, DLESE Program Center, Boulder, CO; and D. Bramer, R. Deardorf, D. Elliott, K. E. Hay, M. Marlino, D. Middleton, M. Ramamurthy, T. Scheitlin, M. Weingroff, and R. Wilhelmson
Poster PDF (326.0 kB)
The Visual Geophysical Exploration Environment (VGEE) is a suite of computer-based tools designed to help learners investigate large-scale meteorological phenomena and discover underlying physical principles. Our poster will allow attendees use the VGEE to perform their own small-scale investigations.

Technological components of the VGEE include: a visualization tool (based on Unidata’s IDV) designed for learners, data sets adapted for student use, Java–based concept models to illustrate basic physical processes, and the ability to embed concept models within the visualization to discover how fundamental principles organize meteorological phenomena. The VGEE also includes an inquiry strategy to guide student investigation as well as web-based tools to collect and organize student work.

The inquiry strategy begins with students using the visualization environment and data sets to identify key relationships or patterns among variables. The inquiry continues as students use the concept models to explore the processes that underlie these relationships. Finally, students embed the concept models in their visualizations to see how these processes operate in more complex, realistic settings.

Supplementary URL: http://www.dlese.org/vgee