83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003: 9:45 AM
AMS Educational Projects in Baja California Sur, Mexico "Reaching out Rural Communites of difficult access or with a migrant population"
Sandra Robles-Gil, Comisión Nacional del Agua, La Paz, BSC, Mexico; and E. Hamilton-Velez
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The “Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo” (CONAFE) is the organism in charge of elementary education at small rural communities in Mexico. In the state of Baja California Sur (B.C.S.), CONAFE has a cadre of 16 Supervisors and 192 Community Educators. These educators teach a total number of 1,500 preprimary and elementary students who live in 192 communities located in places of difficult access or with migrant population.

The Community Educators who are responsible for the pre-primary and primary education at the CONAFE schools are students who have finished middle or high school and who are making a pre-service of 2 years. This pre-service will qualify them to receive a scholarship from CONAFE that will give them the opportunity to carry through with their studies.

During the summer vacation period, the Community Educators receive educational instruction from their Supervisors in the capital city, La Paz. When school begins, they teach in their communities for three weeks, and then the last week they travel to a main city where they receive more training. It is during this week that we have implemented the AMS Educational Projects workshops, both for the Supervisors and the Community Educators.

The main goals of these workshops include: a) The dissemination of scientifically accurate and pedagogical instructional materials directed to Community Educators and Supervisors, b) The promotion of weather, oceanographic and the global water cycle education in rural communities at BCS

This paper reports the activities and workshops that have been done during the last two years, as well as the results achieved.

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