83rd Annual

Sunday, 9 February 2003
Oceanography in the Middle
Craig L. Croone, Northfield Middle School, Northfield, MN
The poster I intend to present will portrait how I teach physical oceanography to middle school students in Northfield, Minnesota. The poster will include depiction's of my students engaged in stimulating and interesting activities that demonstrate the various physical properties of the oceans. These activities developed through the American Meteorological Societies the Maury Project, explore such topics as ocean density, temperature and salinity, upwelling/down welling, wave modeling, wind driven ocean circulation, tidal forces, and El Nino'. I also plan to reserve a section of the poster to present information on teacher enhancement programs that are available to educators. Ocean enhancement programs such as the American Meteorological Societies' Maury Project and their online program, Water in the Earth Systems, as well as Voyagers', COAST and Sea Scholars programs.

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