83rd Annual

Tuesday, 11 February 2003
MODIS atmosphere and ocean applications using TeraScan software
Kota S. Prasad, SeaSpace Corporation, Poway, CA; and R. L. Bernstein
SeaSpace Corporation's TeraScan software has been employed in generating ocean and atmospheric data products from Terra MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) direct broadcast data. TeraPGS (TeraScan Product Generation System) is a system for automatically generating and distributing products according to user specifications. TeraPGS can generate and deliver both TDF (TeraScan Data Format) and picture products.

In this paper we show examples of ocean color and cloud products using TeraPGS. Ocean color products were generated using the SeaWiFS-type of atmospheric correction procedures. Ocean chlorophyll was generated using the MODIS bio-optical algorithm Cloud products were generated using NASA's cloud mask (MOD35) and cloudtop (MOD06CT) algorithms. These algorithms are identical to the NASA GSFC DAAC operational level-2 algorithms and have been integrated with TeraScan's fully automated TeraPGS software. The data processing flow examples will include level 0, level1a, level1b, earth-location, Image navigation, atmospheric correction and level 2 product generation from MODIS.

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