83rd Annual

Monday, 10 February 2003: 2:00 PM
Advances in tethered balloon sounding technology
Ronald A. Shellhorn, Vaisala, Boulder, CO
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Advances in personal computers, data processing, meteorological sensors, and synoptic sounding systems have made possible, improvements in tethered balloon sounding equipment. New Tethersondes integrate proven Vaisala HUMICAP, THERMOCAP, and BAROCAP sensors, and the latest in digital compass technology. Field interchangeable sensor modules eliminate the need for expensive re-calibration of sensor packages and additional A/D channels are now available for a variety of user supplied sensors.

Recent advances in Vaisala’s DigiCORA III Sounding System allow the modular addition of a tethered sounding option. And conversely, the new Vaisala Tethersonde Meteorological Tower (TMT), using the same sounding processor, can accommodate the addition of other DigiCORA III based sounding options. Separate sounding system platforms are no longer required to perform a variety of sounding applications.

This paper presents the results of Tethersonde sensor validation testing and TMT flight comparisons against the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory, 300-meter tower.

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