83rd Annual

Sunday, 9 February 2003
Virtual Meteorology: AMS Online Weather Studies
Aubrey Hartman, Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, VA; and G. Fowler
This poster examines methodologies used in developing an online learning environment for teaching laboratory based science courses, with a specific emphasis on how to effectively employ the AMS Online Weather Studies course for delivery in a self-paced format via the Internet.

Recent progress by the Physics Department of Tidewater Community College is presented, methodologies for getting started in creating an AMS Online Weather Studies course given, and relationships between traditional teaching and learning methods and the AMS Online Weather Studies based course are discussed. To illustrate a specific model, the poster presents a case study about the creation of an online course, NAS 195 - AMS Weather Studies. The prospects for online education and the challenges that face science educators are considered.

This poster describes the AMS Online Weather Studies course taught at Tidewater Community College that was designed to incorporate the successful methodologies developed over the past eight years of offering online laboratory based science courses.

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