83rd Annual

Session 4: Wind, Damage, and F-Scale III

Tuesday, 11 February 2003: 8:30 AM-9:45 AM
  8:30 AM
On Issues of Tornado Damage Assessment and F-Scale Assignment in Agricultural Areas
Jared L. Guyer, NOAA/NWS, Hastings, NE; and M. L. Moritz

Poster PDF (666.9 kB)
  8:45 AM
Radar measurements of extreme winds in tornadoes and comparisons with observed damage
Joshua Wurman, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and D. Burgess, D. C. Dowell, Y. Richardson, M. A. Magsig, and C. R. Alexander

  9:15 AM
A climatology of the Fujita scale in space and time
Harold E. Brooks, NOAA/NSSL, Norman, OK