83rd Annual

Session 1: Aircraft Measurements (This session is dedicated to Dr. Tim Crawford: NOAA/ARL Idaho Falls)

Monday, 10 February 2003: 9:15 AM-9:59 AM
Organizer:  Jerry H. Crescenti, NOAA/ERL/ARL
  9:15 AM
Aircraft Measurements of Turbulence: Length Scales, Spectra, Budgets, and the Prediction Problem
Owen R. Cote, Air Force Research Labortory, Hanscom AFB, MA; and J. R. Roadcap, D. E. Wroblewski, R. J. Dobosy, and T. L. Crawford

Poster PDF (431.4 kB)
Aircraft-Measured Fluxes of N2O Using the Relaxed Eddy Accumulation Technique

  9:30 AM
Refractive turbulence in the upper troposhere and lower stratosphere: analysis of aircraft measurements using structure functions
Donald Wroblewski, Boston University, Boston, MA; and O. R. Cote, J. M. Hacker, T. L. Crawford, and R. J. Dobosy

Poster PDF (276.7 kB)
  9:45 AM
Airborne wind lidar to evaluate air/ocean exchanges at high wind speeds
G. David Emmitt, Simpson Weather Associates, Inc., Charlottesville, VA; and C. O'Handley