To search for documents containing a word or a group of words, type the word(s) in question into the search field below, adjust the match option according to whether you want to see pages that contain any or all of the words you specify, then click on the search button. A boolean search option is also available, which recognizes the keywords and, or, and not, as well as parentheses (e.g., "troposphere and (antarctic or circumpolar or arctic)").

When to use the "Search" option: Enter keywords or a person's name and click the "Search" button to find papers or sessions based on your search words.

When to use the "Browse" option: To go directly to the online program for a conference and/or a meeting, highlight the appropriate selection and click the "Browse" button.

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Searches are fuzzy in the sense that searches for, say, the word text will turn up a list not only of pages that contain that exact word, but also of ones containing synonyms and grammatical derivatives (e.g., texts). The search engine will also expand your search criteria to cover some spelling variations (e.g., cheque vs. US check) and misspellings (abcence). If you use wildcards (text*), the expansion process may lead to some very large search strings that take a while to process.

Note that exact page matches are weighted more heavily than less exact matches. In other words, all things being equal, pages containing synonyms or variant spellings will appear later in the page list than those containing the exact word(s) you specify. This behavior may be altered by changing the sort by option above.