24th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

Session 10A

 Tropical Cyclone at Landfall III (Parallel with Sessions 10B and J7)
 Organizer: Clark Rowley, FNMOC, Monterey, CA
1:15 PM10A.1Accuracy of U.S. Hurricane Landfall forecasts in the Atlantic basin 19761998  
Mark D. Powell, NOAA/AOML/HRD, Miami, FL; and S. D. Aberson
1:30 PM10A.2Hurricane directional wave spectrum spatial variation at landfall  
Edward J. Walsh, NASA/GSFC, Wallops Island, VA; and C. W. Wright, D. C. Vandemark, W. B. Krabill, A. W. Garcia, S. H. Houston, M. D. Powell, P. G. Black, and F. D. Marks
1:45 PM10A.3The distribution of tropical cyclone precipitation: satellite estimates and flood mitigation  
Arlene G. Laing, Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL
2:00 PM10A.4Hurricane Bret: A major hurricane landfall in south Texas  
Shawn P. Bennett, NOAA/NWS, Brownsville, TX; and A. Patrick
2:15 PM10A.5The Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Mobile Instrumented Tower Experiment (WEMITE): deployment operations during the 1999 Atlantic Hurricane Season  
J. Rob Howard, Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, TX; and J. L. Schroeder and A. L. Doggett
2:30 PM10A.6Boundary Layer Characteristics in Hurricanes Bonnie (1998), Dennis (1999), and Floyd (1999) as determined from the Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Mobile Instrumented Tower Experiment (WEMITE)  
John L. Schroeder, Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, TX; and J. R. Howard and D. A. Smith
2:45 PM10A.7Doppler Profiler Observations of the Boundary Layer within the Eyewall of Hurricane Georges during Landfall  
Kevin R. Knupp, University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL; and J. Walters and E. W. McCaul
3:00 PM10A.8Surface winds in hurricanes from GPS-sondes: Comparisons with observations  
Sam H. Houston, NOAA/AOML/HRD, Miami, FL; and P. P. Dodge, M. D. Powell, M. L. Black, G. M. Barnes, and P. S. Chu

Thursday, 25 May 2000: 1:15 PM-3:15 PM

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