11th Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and the 11th Conference on Cloud Physics

Monday, 3 June 2002: 11:30 AM
Parameterization of liquid fraction in terms of temperature and cloud water content in stratiform mixed phase clouds
Faisal S. Boudala, Dalhousie Univ and MSC, Halifax, NS, Canada; and G. A. Isaac, S. G. Cober, Q. Fu, and A. V. Korolev
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The radiative properties of clouds can be significantly altered in the presence of ice crystals. When super cooled cloud droplets and ice crystals coexist in a given cloud, the ice crystals can grow rapidly through the Bergeron process or riming to initiate precipitation. This can have significant effect in global water budget and microphysical processes. Model climate simulations have shown to be very sensitive to how the clouds are treated in the model. However, there is considerable uncertainty in parameterization of mixed phase clouds in the current climate models. In this paper a parameterization of liquid fraction ( ) in terms of temperature and liquid water content (LWC) will be developed using in-situ aircraft measurements of temperature, LWC , and total water content (TWC) in high latitude stratisform mixed phase clouds during five field projects. The measurements of LWC and TWC were made using Nevzorov TWC and LWC probes. LWCs measured with a King probe and Ice water contents (IWCs) derived from ice particles spectra measured with 2D-C and 2D-P probes will be compared with the IWC and LWC measured with Nevzorov probes.

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