13th Conference on Applied Climatology and the 10th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology

Monday, 13 May 2002: 9:45 AM
The Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Proof of Concept Demonstration
Kimberlea D. Price, FAA, Atlantic City, NJ; and D. L. Sims and S. McGettigan
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The Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) is an Internet based system that distributes meteorological forecasts and observations to the aviation community via graphical and textual information. The Federal Aviation Administrationís (FAA) Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP) provides the funding and direction for ADDS. ADDS is a joint development effort of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Forecast Systems Laboratory, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction Aviation Weather Center. In November, 2001, the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC), Weather Branch (ACT-320) conducted a proof of concept demonstration to determine the utility of ADDS in an Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) environment. The demonstration focused on interactive Pre-Flight weather briefings with both General Aviation pilots and AFSS Air Traffic Control Specialists accessing meteorological products and information on ADDS. Air Traffic Control Specialists from the Princeton, MN AFSS and participating General Aviation pilots located at the WJHTC provided resulting data via observations, questionnaires and interviews. Results from the demonstration, to be presented at the conference, will be used to guide further development of ADDS.

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