13th Conference on Applied Climatology and the 10th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology

Session 7: Climate Mapping and Analysis in 4 Dimensions (Parallel with Joint Session J1)

Tuesday, 14 May 2002: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Organizer:  Greorge Taylor, Oregon State Univ.
  2:00 PM
Climate division normals derived from topographically-sensitive climate grids
Christopher Daly, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


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  2:15 PM
Development of a 103-Year High-Resolution Climate Data Set for the Conterminous United States
Wayne Gibson, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR; and C. Daly, T. Kittel, D. Nychka, C. Johns, N. Rosenbloom, A. McNab, and G. Taylor

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  2:30 PM
Using NDVI and elevation to improve precipitation mapping
Tamara G. Houston, NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC, Asheville, NC; and A. L. McNab

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  2:45 PM
Mapping the thermal climate of the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon
Jonathan Smith, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR; and C. Daly

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  3:00 PM
Development and analysis of fine-scale gridded climate data for Arizona and New Mexico
Andrew C. Comrie, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ; and D. P. Brown


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  3:15 PM
Comparison of geo-referenced grids of 1961- 1990 Canadian temperature and precipitation normals.
Ewa J. Milewska, MSC, Toronto, ON, Canada; and R. Hopkinson and A. Niitsoo

Poster PDF (302.1 kB)
Comparison of modeled climatologies from the Advanced Climate Modeling and Environmental Simulation System and COOP sites in Utah

  3:45 PM
A new effort to update precipitation frequency maps for the United States
Christopher Daly, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

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  4:00 PM
Use of spatial climate data sets in an optimum species selection system for the United States and China
Matthew Doggett, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR; and C. Daly and D. Hannaway

  4:15 PM
Mapping varietal potential for quality wines in Oregon using PRISM spatial climate data
Gregory V. Jones, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR; and P. Hille and H. E. Jones

  4:30 PM
Mapping Erosive Potential Across the United States
Greg Johnson, USDA/NRCS, National Water and Climate Center, Portland, OR; and J. Marron, C. Daly, G. Taylor, S. Hollinger, and J. Angel

Poster PDF (597.6 kB)
  4:45 PM
Applying geographic visualization techniques to 4+-dimensional climate data
Colleen M. Garrity, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

  5:00 PM
Coffee Break