Joint Session 6 Communicating with Data Users and the Public: Bridging the Valley of Death

Tuesday, 8 January 2019: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
North 231AB (Phoenix Convention Center - West and North Buildings)
Hosts: (Joint between the 15th Annual Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems; the 24th Conference on Applied Climatology; the 14th Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice; and the Seventh Symposium on Building a Weather-Ready Nation )
Kathryn Shontz, NOAA/NESDIS/OSAAP, Silver Spring, MD; Susan A. Jasko, California University of Pennsylvania, Communication, Design, and Culture, California, PA; Helen Greatrex, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Palisades, NY and Nadia Smith, Science and Technology Corporation, Columbia, MD
Helen Greatrex, IRI, IRI, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY

Description: A session exploring the practicalities of working with end-users.   Notable questions we will focus on: 

  • How do you manage an organic, slow growing relationship when you're working with end-users, within the constraints of a typically static fixed term funding environment?  
  • What does it mean to finish a project when your customer's requirements have changed in the meantime? 
  • What happens when an end-user wants something that's not 'novel' or 'publishable'?  
  • How can everyone win in this situation and what are the unexpected positives?
    What happens when it goes wrong?  
  • Is there a better word than "end-user"? 
  • We often learn more from failure than success, but how do we attack this?

    10:30 AM
    10:45 AM
    POP Problem: Understanding Public Perception and Confusion
    Jacob Ryan Reed, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL; and J. C. Senkbeil
    11:00 AM
    The Use of Temperature and Water Vapor Profiles for Tropical Cyclone Weather Applications: Recent Activities within the NOAA/JPSS Proving Ground Sounding Initiative
    Christopher D. Barnet, Science and Technology Corporation, Columbia, MD; and N. Smith, M. J. Folmer, J. P. Dunion, J. Zawislak, A. Layns, and M. D. Goldberg
    11:15 AM
    Better Together: Integrating Communications in Climate Project Planning
    Elisabeth Gawthrop, IRI, Palisades, NY

    11:30 AM
    Communication from an industry perspective: the case of Accuweather
    Jonathan Porter, AccuWeather, Inc, State College, PA

    12:00 PM
    Beyond Promo: What Your Communications Specialist Can Do for You -- Elisabeth Gawthrop
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