529 Construction of the All-Media Meteorological Communication System in China

Tuesday, 14 January 2020
Hall B (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)
Li Ao, China Meteorological Administration, Beijing, China

Construction of All-Media Meteorological Communication System in China
Exploration and Practice of Media Integration and Development of China Meteorological News Press

Abstract: As the only meteorological media with news qualification in China, China Meteorological News Press has been carrying out meteorological news and information dissemination for 30 years, and has realized the leap-forward development from single media to multimedia integration. At present, China's meteorological communication system of "newspaper cluster + new media matrix" with the background of all media has been preliminarily constructed.

This paper introduces the current situation of the integration development of Chinese meteorological media under the background of Internet and big data era, and introduces the main methods and results of the exploration of the integrating development of new meteorological media and traditional media by China Meteorological News Press through applying of data analysis and case collection. The main contents are as follows: (1) The classification, positioning and ranking of new media clusters operated by China Meteorological News Press in China's government affairs new media. Through big data, the number of followers, the trend of growth, the distribution of audience and the effect of communication were analyzed.(2) The establishment of national, provincial, municipal and county level meteorological information dissemination networks and the establishment of national meteorological dissemination matrixes have greatly improved the timeliness and coverage of early warning information dissemination, such as rainstorms, typhoons and heat waves. With the help of new media integration, contents, users, technology, data and dissemination platforms can be shared. (3) Give full play to the authoritative content production advantages of China Meteorological News Press in the information release, science outreach, etc., carrying out content embedded cooperation with the most popular social media platforms in China, to improve the benefits of meteorological information transmission. (4) Promoting the integration of new technologies and meteorological new media, and introducing new visions for meteorological communications in China through technology empowering, this paper introduces the comprehensive application of the latest technologies, such as short video, mobile live broadcasting, UAV, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), H5, artificial intelligence, three-dimensional effects, data visualization and so on, in reports on dealing with floods in the Yangtze River Basin, and analyses and evaluates the communication effect.

Key words: meteorology of China; media integration;

meteorological communication system; audience analysis; communication effect

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