370225 Large-Scale Algorithm Updates and New Products for the GOES-16/17 Ground System

Wednesday, 15 January 2020
Hall B1 (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)
Paul A. Van Rompay, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., Greenbelt, MD; and S. Superczynski

In 2020, GOES-16 enters its 3rd year as the operational GOES-East, and GOES-17 enters its 2nd year as the operational GOES-West, with an extended overlap period with GOES-15. Ground System (GS) updates for the algorithms and products continue, with special consideration for the validation of G16 and G17 products, while minimizing the impact to the operational data flow to users and archives. Updates span the instrument Level 1 algorithms and the derived products generated by the Level 2 algorithms. All G16 products are planned to be transitioned to the Fully-Validated status in 2020. For G17, products are being transitioned to Provisional maturity in 2 stages, in order to assess products separately during the cool period and the warm period, where the impact of the G17 ABI Loop Heat Pipe anomaly is increased. Important updates to the ABI (Advanced Baseline Imager) Level 1 algorithm have been installed in mid-2019 to improve significantly the performance and characterization of the ABI infrared channels. This presentation focuses on the on-going updates to the ABI Level 2 algorithms both for improved science and G17 anomaly mitigation.

The Product Readiness and Operations (PRO) team manages the algorithm updates to the Ground System, as developed by the Algorithm Working Group (AWG) product science teams. As part of the PRO Team, the Product & Algorithm Science Support (PRO PASS) team works directly on the GS Development Environment (DE) to develop software installation packages, which are then sent for approval to be installed on the GS Operational Environment (OE). PRO PASS uses the DE to test algorithm updates with live ABI data and the Algorithm WorkBench (AWB) for offline playback of captured ABI data. With 2 satellites flowing data through the Ground System, in 2 different geographic positions, updates are carefully developed and tested for both G16 EAST and G17 WEST.

From 2019 through 2021, PRO PASS will focus on the following major tasks for the ABI Level 2 algorithms: (1) updating to Enterprise versions of the algorithms, (2) adding new algorithms to improve existing products and add new ones, (3) updating for G17 anomaly mitigations, and (4) updating products to support the transition to Fully-Validated status. Across the many algorithms, these tasks overlap in different ways, which this presentation will highlight. The Enterprise version of an algorithm uses the same flexible algorithm code to support multiple satellite sensor and ancillary data inputs, while also providing the most up-to-date science and products. New algorithms are being added to provide products for Land Surface Albedo and Cryosphere, along with important additions being provided in the Enterprise versions of the existing algorithms. This presentation will provide details of the PRO PASS approach to implementing the AWG-developed ABI Level 2 algorithm updates/additions plus highlight the coordination among the multiple teams involved, from science to operations.

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