Session 7 Climate Impacts on Societies: Through a Regional Perspective

Wednesday, 15 January 2020: 10:45 AM-12:00 PM
153B (Boston Convention and Exhibition Center)
Host: 11th Conference on Environment and Health
Andy Morse, University of Liverpool, Department of Geography and Planning, Liverpool
Kristie L. Ebi, Univ. of Washington, School of Public Health, Seattle, WA

In our globalized society, local and regional issues can quickly escalate into global challenges. The health and wealth of nations globally interconnected, as are our supporting natural systems. Human changes to local environments are having global impacts, with climate change a diver of new extremes in our hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and cryosphere. Future droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, and other extremes may drive future health risks, including from famines, pandemics of water- and vector-borne diseases, and declines in respiratory health.

This joint session will take the mantle from the Town Hall on Environmental Security, at the AMS Centennial. We will continue the discussion begun there with a special focus on global environmental & health security. We invite abstracts that address research and practice in this area, particularly those focused on the Arctic and Middle East/Horn of Africa.

10:45 AM
Killer Heat: Projections of Extreme Heat for the Twenty-First Century Provide Local-Scale Tools for Communities to Act on Climate
Astrid Caldas, Union of Concerned Scientists, Washington, DC; and K. Dahl, E. Spanger-Siegfried, R. Licker, and J. T. Abatzoglou
11:00 AM
Projections of Future Changes in U.S. Violent Crime under Global Warming
Ryan D. Harp, CIRES, Boulder, CO; Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO; and K. B. Karnauskas
11:15 AM
11:30 AM
Improving Access to Multimodel Rainfall and River Stage Forecasts in Eastern Africa and Northern India
Emily Riddle, NCAR, Boulder, CO; and T. M. Hopson, J. Boehnert, M. Gebremichael, S. Priya, Y. Tanaka, and D. Singh
11:45 AM
Climate Change, Social Instability, and Human Health
Kristie L. Ebi, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA; and S. Sellers, J. J. Hess, and C. Boyer
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