9.2 Development of an Online Climate and Fisheries Data Dashboard for Stakeholders in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem

Wednesday, 28 June 2017: 10:45 AM
Mt. Mitchell/Mt. Roan (Crowne Plaza Tennis and Golf Resort)
Riley Young Morse, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, ME; and A. J. Pershing

Handout (4.0 MB)

Fisheries managers make decisions that shape the future of ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. These decisions are often made without reference to environmental conditions, or are made assuming that past conditions (physical conditions, productivity, and species distributions) will persist. The rapid changes experienced in the Northeast Shelf Large Marine Ecosystem (NES LME), as well as the high degree of natural variability in this system, are prompting new discussions about how to incorporate environmental information into fisheries policy and management and into the industry. Through this project, we are facilitating access to fisheries and climate data for fisheries stakeholders in the Northeast through the creation of an online dynamic data dashboard. The primary goal is to make complex climate-relevant data accessible and easy to understand. Information on past, present, and future environmental conditions in the NES LME are presented in the context of fisheries dependent data. Working with marine fisheries stakeholders, including fisheries management council members, industry leaders and non-profits, we have developed a suite of open source processes and tools to acquire and subset climate relevant data from a variety of sources (satellites, sensors, models), develop long range climatologies, and display through dynamically updated interactive data visualizations. The resulting dashboard allows users to quickly assess conditions in the ocean and evaluate them in the context of past and projected change.
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