Author Index - The 23rd Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/19th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction (1-5 June 2009) (Omaha, NE)

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Ahijevych, D.23WAF19NWP16B.2
Aiyyer, A. R.23WAF19NWP11B.3
Aksoy, A.23WAF19NWP8A.2
Albers, S.23WAF19NWP5A.5
Alcott, T. I.23WAF19NWP11B.4, 11B.5
Alexander, C. R.23WAF19NWP19B.2, 15A.6
Aligo, E. A.23WAF19NWP7A.1
Alliss, R. J.23WAF19NWPJP2.8
Alpert, J. C.23WAF19NWP13A.1, 5A.6
Amburn, S. A.23WAF19NWP15B.3, 2B.6
Amerault, C. M.23WAF19NWP14A.4, 2A.3, 6B.3
Andersson, E.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Angevine, W. M.23WAF19NWP17A.2
Anip, M. H. M.23WAF19NWP10B.4
Antolik, M. S.23WAF19NWP6A.1
Archambault, H. M.23WAF19NWP6B.6, 14B.4
Arritt, R. W.23WAF19NWP10A.1
Astling, E. G.23WAF19NWP10B.3, JP4.3
Asuma, J.23WAF19NWPJP1.3
Atallah, E.23WAF19NWP2B.2, 2B.5
Atallah, E. H.23WAF19NWP14B.3
Auligne, T.23WAF19NWP11A.4
Aune, R. M.23WAF19NWP17B.4, 9B.5
Bachmeier, A. S.23WAF19NWP12B.3, 12B.4
Bah, K.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Baker, A. K.23WAF19NWP7B.4
Baker, M. N.23WAF19NWP6A.1, JP4.12
Baker, R.23WAF19NWP13B.3
Baldwin, M.23WAF19NWP3B.4
Ballish, B. A.23WAF19NWP13A.1, 5A.6
Bao, J.-W.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Bao, S.23WAF19NWP6B.2
Barjenbruch, K.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Barker, D.23WAF19NWP9A.5, J3.2
Barlow, M.23WAF19NWP1B.1
Baumgardt, D. A.23WAF19NWP10B.1, JP3.9
Baxter, M. A.23WAF19NWP11B.1, 11B.2
Beachler, D.23WAF19NWP10B.5
Benjamin, S.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Benjamin, S. G.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 19B.2, 18A.1, 18A.4, 15B.6, 11A.2, 15A.1, 15A.5, 15A.6
Bernardet, L. R.23WAF19NWP13A.2, 2A.1, JP1.7, 6B.2, 5A.2
Berner, J.23WAF19NWP4A.3
Binau, S.23WAF19NWP1B.4
Bishop, C.23WAF19NWPJP1.12, JP4.2, 3A.4
Bishop, C. H.23WAF19NWP9A.6
Black, T.23WAF19NWP2A.4, 2A.6, 18A.2
Blackwelder, G.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Blair, S. F.23WAF19NWP7B.2
Bleck, R.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Bosart, L.23WAF19NWP6B.6
Bosart, L. F.23WAF19NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 13B.4, JP1.3, 9B.1, 9B.3, 1B.2, 2B.1, 2B.3, JP3.5, 14B.4
Bothwell, P. D.23WAF19NWP6A.5
Boustead, J. M.23WAF19NWPJP4.10, 7B.2, 7B.3, 16B.3, 11B.1, 11B.2
Braun, J.23WAF19NWP5B.2
Brennan, M. J.23WAF19NWP6B.1
Brewster, K.23WAF19NWP16A.2
Brewster, K. A.23WAF19NWP16A.3, JP2.7
Bright, D. R.23WAF19NWP16A.2, 16A.3, 4B.6
Broadwater, C.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Brown, B.23WAF19NWP16B.2, 5A.2
Brown, B. G.23WAF19NWP2A.1, 15B.4, 6B.2, 5A.4
Brown, D. P.23WAF19NWP6B.1
Brown, J. M.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 18A.1, 18A.4, JP1.7, JP1.13, 1A.4
Brugman, M.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Brundage, K. J.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 15A.6
Brunet, G.23WAF19NWPJ3.1
Bua, W. R.23WAF19NWP18B.1, JP4.5
Bullock, R.23WAF19NWP15B.1, 16B.1, 5A.4
Buonanno, C. C.23WAF19NWP9B.6
Burger, M.23WAF19NWP4B.4
Byon, J.-Y.23WAF19NWPJP1.2
Byun, K.-Y.23WAF19NWPJP1.9
Campbell, T.23WAF19NWP14B.2
Cangialosi, J. P.23WAF19NWPJP2.6
Cannon, J. W.23WAF19NWP4B.1
Carey, L.23WAF19NWPJP3.3
Carley, J.23WAF19NWP3B.4, 2A.4
Carlis, D. L.23WAF19NWP13A.1, 5A.6
Carr, F. H.23WAF19NWP3B.3
Cavanaugh, D. E.23WAF19NWP7B.2
Cempa, M.23WAF19NWP4B.1
Chang, S. W.23WAF19NWPJ3.3
Charba, J. P.23WAF19NWP15B.5, 17B.2
Charles, M.23WAF19NWP5A.3
Chen, F.23WAF19NWP17B.3
Chen, S.23WAF19NWP2A.3, 14B.2
Chen, Y.23WAF19NWP9A.5
Cheng, W.23WAF19NWP17B.3
Choi, Y. -. J.23WAF19NWPJP1.2
Clark, A. J.23WAF19NWP19B.4, JP3.1, JP3.2
Clark, J. S.23WAF19NWPJP2.6
Clark, P.23WAF19NWP18B.2
Cobb, H. D., III23WAF19NWPJP2.6
Colby, F. P., Jr.23WAF19NWP1B.1
Colle, B. A.23WAF19NWP18A.3, JP2.13, 12B.2, 7B.1, 5A.3, 11B.3
Colón, E.23WAF19NWP18A.2
Coniglio, M. C.23WAF19NWP16A.2, 16A.3, 4B.6, 15B.4
Cooley, K. E.23WAF19NWPJP2.11
Cope, A. M.23WAF19NWP18A.3, 12B.2
Corbosiero, K. L.23WAF19NWP13B.2, 16B.5
Cordeira, J. M.23WAF19NWP3B.1, 3B.2, 6B.6
Correia, J., Jr.23WAF19NWP10A.1, 10A.3
Cosgrove, R. L.23WAF19NWP6A.6
Cox, A.23WAF19NWP11B.6
Crandall, K.23WAF19NWP10B.4, JP3.12
Cucurull, L.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Cui, B.23WAF19NWP4A.5, 16B.4
Cummings, J.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Cunningham, J.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Curtis, C. A.23WAF19NWP14A.2
Dangelo, M.23WAF19NWP10B.5
Davis, C.23WAF19NWP12A.1
Davis, C. A.23WAF19NWP3B.6, 12A.2, 5A.4, 8B.4
Dean, A. R.23WAF19NWP5B.5, 4B.5, 4B.6, 6A.5
Decker, S. G.23WAF19NWP2B.4
Dedrick, K.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Delle-Monache, L.23WAF19NWP17B.3
DeMaria, M.23WAF19NWP12B.3, 6B.1
Demirtas, M.23WAF19NWP9A.5, 11A.4
Demuth, J.23WAF19NWP5B.2
Deng, A.23WAF19NWP1A.3, 16B.6
Denis, B.23WAF19NWP3A.3
Derber, J.23WAF19NWP15A.3
Derber, J. C.23WAF19NWP2A.5, 11A.6
Devenyi, D.23WAF19NWP15B.6, 15A.1, 15A.5
Dimego, G.23WAF19NWP4A.4
DiMego, G.23WAF19NWP2A.4, 2A.5, 15A.3
Doernbrack, A.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Dostalek, J. F.23WAF19NWPJP3.4
Doswell, C. A., III23WAF19NWP19A.3
Dowell, D.23WAF19NWP4A.2, 8A.2
Doyle, J.23WAF19NWP17A.1, 14A.4, 2A.3, JP1.7, 6B.3, 14B.6
Droegemeier, K.23WAF19NWP16A.2
Droegemeier, K. K.23WAF19NWP14A.1, 16A.3, 12B.1
Du, J.23WAF19NWP4A.4, 16A.2, 16A.3
Duffy, T.23WAF19NWP14A.2
Dumais, R. E., Jr.23WAF19NWPJP2.4
Dévényi, D.23WAF19NWP9A.1
Ebert, E.23WAF19NWP16B.2
Egentowich, J.23WAF19NWPJ2.1
Ek, M.23WAF19NWP2A.4, 2A.5, 11A.6, 10A.6, 14B.1
Ela, E.23WAF19NWP5B.3
Emmitt, G. D.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Engle, E.23WAF19NWP6A.3
Erickson, M. J.23WAF19NWP18A.3, 12B.2
Evans, C.23WAF19NWPJP2.3, 6B.5, JP3.7
Evans, M.23WAF19NWPJP3.10
Ferree, J. T.23WAF19NWP5B.6
Ferrier, B.23WAF19NWP2A.4, 18A.2
Filaus, E.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Fillion, L.23WAF19NWP3A.3
Fiorino, M.23WAF19NWP18A.1
Fitzpatrick, P. J.23WAF19NWP14B.5
Flatau, M.23WAF19NWP13A.4, JP4.2
Fling, K.23WAF19NWP14A.5
Fortin, S.23WAF19NWPJP4.10, 16B.3
Fournier, A.23WAF19NWP4A.3
Fowler, T. L.23WAF19NWP15B.1, 16B.1
Fox, N. I.23WAF19NWPJP2.11, JP1.5
Frederick, J. M.23WAF19NWPJP1.11
Fritz, C. L.23WAF19NWPJP1.5
Frost, M. D.23WAF19NWP14A.3
Fu, B.23WAF19NWP6B.4
Fuell, K. K.23WAF19NWP12B.3
Fuentes, J. D.23WAF19NWPJP2.12
Furbush, N.23WAF19NWP12B.2
Gabersek, S.23WAF19NWP2A.3, JP1.7, 14B.2
Gagan, J. P.23WAF19NWPJP3.10
Galarneau, T. J., Jr.23WAF19NWP13B.4, JP2.3, 16B.5, 2B.1
Galarneau Jr., T. J.23WAF19NWP3B.2
Gall, R. L.23WAF19NWP13A.2
Gallus, W. A., Jr.23WAF19NWP19B.1, 19B.4, JP2.1, 7A.1, JP3.1, JP3.2
Gao, J.23WAF19NWP16A.2, 16A.3, JP2.7, 8A.1
Gargan, W.23WAF19NWP7B.3
Gaudet, B. J.23WAF19NWP18B.4
Gayno, G.23WAF19NWP2A.4
Ge, G.23WAF19NWPJP2.7, 8A.1
Ge, M.23WAF19NWP3B.5
Geiszler, D. A.23WAF19NWP14A.3
Geng, Q.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Gerth, J.23WAF19NWP12B.3, 12B.4
Ghirardelli, J. E.23WAF19NWP6A.4
Gilbert, K. K.23WAF19NWP6A.6
Gilleland, E.23WAF19NWP16B.2, 5A.2
Glass, F. H.23WAF19NWPJP3.10
Goodman, S.23WAF19NWP12B.3
Goosen, J.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Graham, R.23WAF19NWP5B.4, JP3.11
Grasso, L.23WAF19NWP7A.4
Gravelle, C. M.23WAF19NWPJP3.10
Graves, C. E.23WAF19NWPJP3.10
Green, G. D.23WAF19NWP4B.3
Greenwald, T.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Grell, G.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Grell, G. A.23WAF19NWP9A.1
Griffis, R.23WAF19NWP5B.1
Grim, J. A.23WAF19NWP3B.5, JP2.5
Grose, A.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Grubisic, V.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Grumm, R.23WAF19NWP16A.5, JP4.10, 16B.3
Grumm, R. H.23WAF19NWP10B.5, JP4.6
Gunshor, M. M.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Gurka, J.23WAF19NWP12B.3
Gyakum, J. R.23WAF19NWP2B.2, 2B.5, 14B.3
Ha, S.23WAF19NWP4A.2
Ha, S.-Y.23WAF19NWP4A.3
Haack, T.23WAF19NWP18B.2, 2A.3
Hacker, J.23WAF19NWP9A.5, 19B.3, 17A.2, 4A.2, 4A.3, 16A.4
Hacker, J. P.23WAF19NWP17A.3, 16A.1, JP2.5
Hahmann, A. N.23WAF19NWPJP2.5
Halley Gotway, J.23WAF19NWP15B.1
Halvorson, S. F.23WAF19NWP16A.1, 16A.4
Hamill, T.23WAF19NWP9A.6, 11A.5, JP4.6
Hampshire, N. L.23WAF19NWP10B.6
Han, J.23WAF19NWP10A.5
Hansen, B.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Hansen, J.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 17A.1, JP1.12, JP4.2, JP4.4
Harrop, C.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Harrop, C. W.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 6B.2
Hart, J.23WAF19NWP6A.5
Hart, R. E.23WAF19NWP6B.5
Haupt, S. E.23WAF19NWP16B.6
Hayes, P. D.23WAF19NWPJP2.8
Henderson, T.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Hendricks, E.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 2A.3, 6B.4
Hill, C. M.23WAF19NWP14B.5
Hodur, R. M.23WAF19NWP2A.3, 6B.3, 14B.2
Hodyss, D.23WAF19NWPJP4.2
Hogan, T.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 7A.3
Holt, T.23WAF19NWP17A.1, JP1.12, 3A.4
Holt, T. R.23WAF19NWP2A.3
Holts, M.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Hong, X.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Hopson, T.23WAF19NWP16A.4
Hopson, T. M.23WAF19NWP16A.1
Horel, J. D.23WAF19NWP15A.4
Hou, D.23WAF19NWP4A.5, 4A.6, 16B.4
Hu, M.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 15B.6, 15A.1, 15A.5
Huang, A.23WAF19NWP17B.4, JP1.6
Huang, X.-Y.23WAF19NWP9A.5, 11A.4
Hughes, J.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Hultquist, T. R.23WAF19NWP19B.5, 19B.6, JP3.8
Hunter, G. K.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Hutchinson, T. A.23WAF19NWP19A.1
Iredell, M.23WAF19NWP2A.6
Ińiguez, P. M.23WAF19NWP4B.3
Jacks, E.23WAF19NWP5B.6
Jamison, B.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Jamison, B. D.23WAF19NWP9A.1
Janjic, Z.23WAF19NWP2A.4, 5A.1
Jankov, I.23WAF19NWP17A.4, 5A.5
Janzon, E.23WAF19NWPJP2.2
Jascourt, S. D.23WAF19NWP18B.1, JP4.5
Jeglum, M. E.23WAF19NWPJP3.13
Jensen, T.23WAF19NWP6B.2
Jensen, T. L.23WAF19NWP15B.4
Jiang, Q.23WAF19NWP2A.3, JP1.7
Jin, H.23WAF19NWP2A.3, 6B.3, 14B.2
Jin, Y.23WAF19NWP2A.3, 14B.2, 14B.6
Joseph, E.23WAF19NWPJP2.12
Jovic, D.23WAF19NWP4A.4
Juang, H.23WAF19NWP4A.4
Juang, H.-M. H.23WAF19NWP2A.6, JP1.8
Kain, J. S.23WAF19NWP16A.2, 16A.3, 4B.6, 15B.4
Kalnay, E.23WAF19NWPJP4.7
Kay, M. P.23WAF19NWP8B.2
Kemp, E. M.23WAF19NWPJP2.8
Keyser, D.23WAF19NWPJP1.3, 2B.3, JP3.5, 14B.4
Khade, V.23WAF19NWP13A.4
Kim, Y.-J.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 7A.3
Kirshbaum, D. J.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Klotz, S.23WAF19NWPJP4.2
Kluber, T. M.23WAF19NWP3B.3
Knabb, R. D.23WAF19NWP6B.1
Knaff, J. A.23WAF19NWP6B.1
Knievel, J. C.23WAF19NWP3B.5, 16A.1, JP2.5, 8B.4
Knoth, O.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Koch, D.23WAF19NWP9B.6
Koch, D. A.23WAF19NWP19B.2
Koch, S.23WAF19NWP13A.2, JP1.7, 19A.5
Kolczynski, W. C., Jr.23WAF19NWP16B.6
Koleiny, A.23WAF19NWPJP2.11
Kong, F.23WAF19NWP19B.4, 16A.2, 16A.3, JP3.1, JP3.2
Koval, J. P.23WAF19NWP11B.6
Krippner, S.23WAF19NWP16A.1, JP4.3
Kruzdlo, R.23WAF19NWP12B.2
Kuchera, E.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Kumar, V. K.23WAF19NWP13A.1, 5A.6
Kusters, J.23WAF19NWPJ3.3
Kwiatkowski, J.23WAF19NWP3B.4
Lackmann, G. M.23WAF19NWP9B.2, 9B.4, 7B.4, 8B.1
Lafitte (Levitas), M. J.23WAF19NWP17B.1
Lafitte, G.23WAF19NWP17B.1
Langland, R.23WAF19NWP13A.4
Langland, R. H.23WAF19NWP12A.4
Lapalme, E.23WAF19NWP3A.3
Lapenta, W. M.23WAF19NWP2A.5
Lau, Y.23WAF19NWP14B.5
Lee, J.23WAF19NWP1A.4, 19A.4
Lee, T.-Y.23WAF19NWPJP1.9
Lei, L.23WAF19NWP9A.4
Leighton, J.23WAF19NWP7B.3
Leptich, A.23WAF19NWP12B.2
Lese, A.23WAF19NWP13B.3
Leslie, L. M.23WAF19NWP19A.3
Leung, L. R.23WAF19NWP10A.1, 10A.3
Leuthold, M.23WAF19NWP4B.3
Levit, J. J.23WAF19NWP4B.6
Li, P.23WAF19NWP8B.2
Li, X.23WAF19NWPJP3.3
Lim, E.23WAF19NWP8A.4
Lim, Y.-J.23WAF19NWPJP1.9
Lin, H.23WAF19NWP11A.4
Lin, Y.23WAF19NWP2A.4, JP2.13
Lindsey, D. T.23WAF19NWP5B.2, 7A.4
Lindstrom, S. S.23WAF19NWP17B.4
Liou, C.-S.23WAF19NWP13B.1, 2A.3
Liu, M.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 7A.3
Liu, Y.23WAF19NWP14A.5, 16A.1, 16A.4, 10B.3, 17B.3, 17B.3, 8A.3
Liu, Z.23WAF19NWP11A.4
Logsdon, J.23WAF19NWP3B.4
Lombardo, K.23WAF19NWP7B.1
Lord, S.23WAF19NWP2A.5
Lord, S. J.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Loughe, A.23WAF19NWP5A.2
Lu, C.23WAF19NWP8B.2
Luft, G.23WAF19NWP14A.5
Lunde, E. P. K.23WAF19NWP7B.2
Lupo, A. R.23WAF19NWP10B.4, JP1.5
MacDonald, A. E.23WAF19NWP1A.4, 19A.4
Macpherson, S. R.23WAF19NWP3A.3
Madine, S.23WAF19NWP8B.2
Mahoney, J.23WAF19NWP8B.2
Mahoney, K. M.23WAF19NWP9B.2, 9B.4
Mahoney, W.23WAF19NWP17B.3
Mahrt, L.23WAF19NWP18B.4
Maloney, J. C., III23WAF19NWP6A.3
Manikin, G.23WAF19NWP15A.3
Manikin, G. S.23WAF19NWP1A.1, JP4.13, 15A.2
Manross, K.23WAF19NWP4B.5
Market, P. S.23WAF19NWP10B.4, JP1.5, JP3.12
Marseille, G.-J.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Martin, P.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Martinelli, J. T.23WAF19NWPJP1.10
Masutani, M.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Mattocks, C.23WAF19NWP12B.1
May, P.23WAF19NWP2A.3
Mayes, B. E.23WAF19NWP4B.2, JP1.10, JP4.10, 7B.3, 16B.3
McGavock, J. B.23WAF19NWPJP1.11
McGinley, J. A.23WAF19NWP17A.4
McLay, J.23WAF19NWP13A.4, JP4.2
McTaggart-Cowan, R.23WAF19NWP2B.1, 14B.3
Mecikalski, J. R.23WAF19NWPJP3.3
Melville, W. K.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Meng, J.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6
Metz, N. D.23WAF19NWP9B.1
Middlecoff, J.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Milbrandt, J. A.23WAF19NWP7A.2
Miller, J.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Miller, S. D.23WAF19NWP5B.2, 12B.3
Millington, S.23WAF19NWP18B.2
Milrad, S. M.23WAF19NWP2B.2
Mitchell, K.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6, 14B.1
Mitrescu, C.23WAF19NWP15B.2
Miyamoto, K.23WAF19NWP2A.2
Mo, R.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Moninger, W.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Moninger, W. R.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 15B.6, 11A.2
Moore, B. J.23WAF19NWPJP3.5
Motta, B. C.23WAF19NWPJP4.6
Murray, J.23WAF19NWP7B.1
Nachamkin, J. E.23WAF19NWP13A.3, 2A.3, 15B.2
Nance, L.23WAF19NWP13A.2, 2A.1, 15B.4, 6B.2, 5A.2
Neuman, C. R.23WAF19NWP1B.2, JP3.11
Nietfeld, D.23WAF19NWP5B.1, JP1.10
Nobis, T.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Novak, D. R.23WAF19NWPJP2.10, 11B.3
Nutter, P.23WAF19NWP8B.3
O'Malley, M.23WAF19NWPJP4.10, 16B.3
O'Neill, L. W.23WAF19NWP18B.3, 2A.3
O'Steen, L.23WAF19NWP19A.2
Olson, J. B.23WAF19NWP9A.1, JP1.13
Ortega, K. L.23WAF19NWP4B.5
Ostrowski, J.23WAF19NWP12B.2
Ostrowski, J. T.23WAF19NWP18A.3
Otkin, J. A.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Pace, J.23WAF19NWP16A.1, 16A.4, 10B.3, 8A.3
Padovani, M.23WAF19NWP14A.5
Pan, H.-L.23WAF19NWP2A.5, 10A.5
Parrish, D.23WAF19NWP15A.3
Passner, J. E.23WAF19NWPJP2.4
Patterson, R.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Pauley, P. M.23WAF19NWP14A.3
Pauley, R. L.23WAF19NWP14A.3
Pavloski, C.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Pavlow, S.23WAF19NWP13B.3
Pearce, G.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Peckham, S. E.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 18A.4
Peng, M.23WAF19NWP13A.4
Peng, M. S.23WAF19NWP6B.4, 14B.2
Petersen, R. A.23WAF19NWP9B.5
Phillips, G.23WAF19NWP7B.3
Piltz, S. F.23WAF19NWPJP1.11
Pocernich, M.23WAF19NWP4A.2
Pondeca, M.23WAF19NWP1A.1, 15A.2, 15A.3
Prive, N.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Pu, Z.23WAF19NWP9A.3, 16A.6, 11A.1, JP4.9, 3A.1, JP3.6
Purser, J.23WAF19NWP15A.3
Purser, R. J.23WAF19NWP9A.2, 3A.5
Pyle, M.23WAF19NWP2A.4
Qiu, C.23WAF19NWP9A.3
Quinlan, J. S.23WAF19NWPJP1.3
Radell, D. B.23WAF19NWPJP2.10
Reen, B. P.23WAF19NWP11A.3, 10A.2
Reeves, H. D.23WAF19NWP10A.4
Reinecke, P. A.23WAF19NWP2A.3
Rentschler, S.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Reynolds, C.23WAF19NWPJP4.2
Reynolds, C. A.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 12A.4, JP4.9
Richardson, S.23WAF19NWP18B.4
Richman, M. B.23WAF19NWP19A.3
Ridout, J.23WAF19NWP13A.4, 7A.3, JP4.2
Rife, D. L.23WAF19NWP3B.5, JP2.5, 8B.4
Riishojgaard, L. P.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Rizvi, S.23WAF19NWP11A.4
Robinson, D. A.23WAF19NWP2B.4
Robjhon, M.23WAF19NWPJP2.12
Rogers, E.23WAF19NWP2A.4
Rogers, J. W.23WAF19NWP4B.3, JP4.8
Romero, L.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Rose, B.23WAF19NWP11B.6
Rostkier-Edelstein, D.23WAF19NWP17A.2, 17A.3
Roux, G.23WAF19NWP16A.1, 16A.4, 10B.3, 17B.3
Rugg, S.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Ruiz, J. J.23WAF19NWPJP4.7
Ryan, T. M.23WAF19NWP10B.6
Sahm, S.23WAF19NWP11A.2, 1A.4
Sahm, S. R.23WAF19NWP15B.6, 15A.6
Samplatsky, F. G.23WAF19NWP15B.5, 17B.2
Sashegyi, K.23WAF19NWP13B.1, 3A.4
Sashegyi, K. D.23WAF19NWP14A.3
Sato, Y.23WAF19NWP9A.2
Saulo, A. C.23WAF19NWPJP4.7
Sawerdlin, S.23WAF19NWP10B.3
Scala, J. R.23WAF19NWP10B.5
Scalora, M.23WAF19NWP2B.3
Schaffer, C. J.23WAF19NWPJP2.1
Scharfenberg, K. A.23WAF19NWP5B.6, 4B.5
Schmidt, J.23WAF19NWP15B.2, 14B.6
Schmidt, J. M.23WAF19NWP2A.3
Schmit, L.23WAF19NWPJP3.8
Schmit, T. J.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Schneider, R.23WAF19NWP12B.3
Schneider, R. S.23WAF19NWP5B.5, 6A.5
Schramm, J.23WAF19NWP4A.2
Schultz, P.23WAF19NWPJP4.6
Schumacher, A. B.23WAF19NWP5B.2, 6B.1
Schumacher, P. N.23WAF19NWP19B.5, 19B.6, 11B.1, 11B.2
Schumacher, R. S.23WAF19NWP3B.6, 13B.4, 5B.2, JP2.3
Schwartz, B. E.23WAF19NWP15A.6
Schwartz, M.23WAF19NWP5B.3
Seaman, M.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Seaman, N. L.23WAF19NWP18B.4
Segal, M.23WAF19NWPJP2.1
Seo, B.-K.23WAF19NWPJP1.2
Sestak, M.23WAF19NWP17A.1, JP1.12, JP4.2
Shafer, C. M.23WAF19NWP19A.3
Shafer, P.23WAF19NWP6A.3
Shao, H.23WAF19NWP11A.4
Sheets, K. L.23WAF19NWP6A.6, JP4.12
Shontz, K.23WAF19NWP13B.2
Sieglaff, J.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Sittel, M.23WAF19NWP4A.1
Skibinski, S.23WAF19NWPJP1.5
Skupniewicz, C. E.23WAF19NWP14A.2
Small, D.23WAF19NWP2B.5
Smirnova, T. G.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 19B.2, 18A.4, 15A.6
Smith, B. E.23WAF19NWP4B.2
Smith, T. L.23WAF19NWP11A.2
Snyder, A.23WAF19NWP16A.6, JP4.9
Snyder, B.23WAF19NWP10B.2
Snyder, C.23WAF19NWP9A.5, 19B.3, 4A.2, 4A.3, 8A.2
Sobash, R.23WAF19NWP4B.6
Speheger, D.23WAF19NWP4B.5
Srock, A. F.23WAF19NWP9B.3
St. Jean, D.23WAF19NWP4B.1
Stauffer, D. R.23WAF19NWP18B.4, 9A.4, 11A.3, 1A.3, 16B.6, 10A.2
Steenburgh, J.23WAF19NWPJP3.13
Steenburgh, W. J.23WAF19NWP1B.2, 1B.3, 11B.4, 11B.5
Stefano, N.23WAF19NWP2B.4
Stensrud, D. J.23WAF19NWP10A.4, 8A.1
Stern, H.23WAF19NWPJP4.1
Stiperski, I.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Stocker, R. A.23WAF19NWP13A.3, 15B.2
Stoffelen, A.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Stoppkotte, E. M.23WAF19NWP13B.3
Strabala, K. I.23WAF19NWP17B.4
Stuart, N. A.23WAF19NWP2B.3
Sullivan, S.23WAF19NWP15B.1
Sun, J.23WAF19NWP12A.1, 8A.3, 8A.4
Surgi, N.23WAF19NWP2A.5
Swerdlin, S.23WAF19NWP16A.4, 17B.3
Swerdlin, S. P.23WAF19NWP16A.1
Szoke, E.23WAF19NWP18A.1, 12B.3
Tallapragada, V.23WAF19NWP14B.1
Tanguay, M.23WAF19NWP3A.3
Tardy, A. O.23WAF19NWP1A.2
Thaler, E.23WAF19NWP8B.3
Thatcher, L.23WAF19NWPJP3.6
Thomas, K.23WAF19NWP16A.2, 16A.3
Thompson, R. L.23WAF19NWP6A.5
Thompson, S.23WAF19NWPJP3.9
Thompson, W. T.23WAF19NWP2A.3
Toffler, J.23WAF19NWP1A.3
Tolman, H. L.23WAF19NWP2A.5
Tongue, J. S.23WAF19NWP18A.3, 12B.2
Toth, Z.23WAF19NWP4A.4, 4A.5, 4A.6, 2A.5, 16B.4
Trapp, J.23WAF19NWP3B.4
Treadon, R.23WAF19NWP15A.3
Trier, S. B.23WAF19NWP12A.2
Tuleya, R.23WAF19NWP14B.1
Tyndall, D.23WAF19NWP15A.4
Tyndall, D. P.23WAF19NWP10A.2
Uccellini, L. W.23WAF19NWPJ2.2
Van Cleave, D.23WAF19NWPJP3.4
van Lier-Walqui, M.23WAF19NWP5A.5
Vonder Haar, T. H.23WAF19NWPJP3.4
Vosper, S.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Vukicevic, T.23WAF19NWP17A.4, 5A.5
Wagner, G.23WAF19NWP6A.3
Wagner, G. A.23WAF19NWP6A.6, JP4.12
Wang, C.23WAF19NWP18B.2
Wang, H.23WAF19NWP8A.4
Wang, J.23WAF19NWP4A.4, JP1.8
Wang, N.23WAF19NWP1A.4
Wang, Q.23WAF19NWP18B.3
Wang, Q.-W.23WAF19NWP12A.3
Wang, S.23WAF19NWP18B.3, 2A.3, 14B.6
Wang, X.23WAF19NWP9A.5, 9A.6, 11A.5
Wang, Y.23WAF19NWP14A.1, 16A.2, 16A.3
Wang, Z.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6
Wanzong, S.23WAF19NWPJP1.6
Ward, J.23WAF19NWP2A.5
Warner, T.23WAF19NWP14A.5, 16A.4, 10B.3, 17B.3, 8A.3
Warner, T. T.23WAF19NWP16A.1
Wasula, T. A.23WAF19NWPJP1.3, 2B.3
Watson, J.23WAF19NWPJP2.10
Weatherhead, B.23WAF19NWP5A.2
Wei, H.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6
Weisman, M.23WAF19NWP12A.1
Weiss, M.23WAF19NWP6A.4
Weiss, S. J.23WAF19NWP3B.4, 16A.2, 16A.3, 4B.6, 15B.4
Weisser, K. D.23WAF19NWP19B.5, 19B.6
Weng, F.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Werth, D. W.23WAF19NWP19A.2
West, G. L.23WAF19NWP1B.2, 1B.3
Westphal, D. L.23WAF19NWP14A.2
Weygandt, S. S.23WAF19NWP9A.1, 19B.2, 15B.6, 15A.1, 15A.5, 15A.6
Whitaker, J.23WAF19NWP9A.6
Whitaker, J. S.23WAF19NWP11A.5
Whitcomb, T.23WAF19NWP13A.4
Whitman, P.23WAF19NWPJP4.2
Wiley, G.23WAF19NWP15B.3
Wilhelmson, R. B.23WAF19NWP12B.1
Williams, J.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Wilson, J.23WAF19NWP12A.1
Wilson, W. H.23WAF19NWPJP2.2
Wobus, R.23WAF19NWP4A.5
Wolff, J.23WAF19NWP6B.2, 5A.2
Wolff, J. K.23WAF19NWP2A.1
Wong, V.23WAF19NWP2A.4
Woollen, J. S.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Wu, W.23WAF19NWP14A.5, 16A.1, 16A.4, 10B.3, 17B.3
Wu, W.-S.23WAF19NWP2A.4
Wu, Y.23WAF19NWP14B.1
Wyngaard, J. C.23WAF19NWP18B.4
Xia, Y.23WAF19NWP14B.1
Xiao, Q.23WAF19NWP8A.3, 8A.4
Xie, Y.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Xu, Q.23WAF19NWP3A.4
Xue, M.23WAF19NWP19B.4, 16A.2, 16A.3, 12A.3, JP2.7, J1.1, JP3.1, JP3.2
Yan, W.23WAF19NWP6A.2
Yang, F.23WAF19NWPJP1.1
Yocom, A.23WAF19NWP5B.4
Young, G. S.23WAF19NWP10A.2
Yu, W.23WAF19NWP8A.3
Yuan, H.23WAF19NWP19B.2
Zeng, X.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6
Zhang, F.23WAF19NWP3A.4
Zhang, L.23WAF19NWP9A.3, 11A.1
Zhao, A.23WAF19NWP7A.3
Zhao, Q.23WAF19NWP3A.4, 14B.6
Zhao, S.23WAF19NWP6A.2
Zheng, W.23WAF19NWP11A.6, 10A.6
Zhong, S.23WAF19NWPJP1.7
Zhou, B.23WAF19NWP4A.4
Zhu, J.23WAF19NWP4A.4
Zhu, T.23WAF19NWP3A.2
Zhu, Y.23WAF19NWP4A.5, 4A.6, 16A.6, 16B.4, 15A.3
Zielonka, J. R.23WAF19NWP1A.3