27th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

Session 4D

 Africa Weather and Climate
 Chair: Morris A. Bender, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton, NJ
3:30 PM4D.1Easterly wave diagnostics  extended abstract wrf recording
Gareth J. Berry, SUNY, Albany, NY; and C. Thorncroft and T. Hewson
3:45 PM4D.2The role of Kelvin wave activity on convection and rainfall over tropical Africa  extended abstract wrf recording
Ademe Mekonnen, SUNY, Albany, NY
4:00 PM4D.3Subseasonal rainfall variability in the tropical eastern Atlantic-West African region  
Guojun Gu, NASA/GSFC and Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, Greenbelt, MD; and R. Adler
4:15 PM4D.4African aerosol and precipitation in the Atlantic ITCZ  
Xiaoyu Liu, Univ. of Miami/RSMAS, Miami, FL; and C. Zhang
4:30 PM4D.5Recent rainfall trends across tropical West Africa: Observations and potential causes  
Michael Christoph, Univ. of Cologne, Cologne, Germany; and A. H. Fink
4:45 PM4D.6Robust response of Sahel precipitation to late 20th century forcings: natural or anthropogenic?  
Michela Biasutti, LDEO, Palisades, NY; and A. Giannini
5:00 PM4D.7Tropical climate variations and their impacts on circulation and precipitation in the Northwest Indian Ocean - Northeast Africa - Southwest Asia region  
Damon C. Vorhees, NPS, Monterey, CA; and T. Murphree and K. D. Pfeiffer
5:15 PM4D.8Diagnosis of African Easterly Wave Structure and Development using Quasi-Geostrophic Potential Vorticity  extended abstract wrf recording
Daniel R. Chavas, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; and M. C. Morgan

Monday, 24 April 2006: 3:30 PM-5:30 PM, Regency Grand BR 4-6

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