27th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

Session 1B

 Tropical Cyclone Structure I
 Chair: Yuqing Wang, International Pacific Research Center, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
8:00 AM1B.2Potential vorticity rings and eye subsidence  extended abstract wrf recording
Wayne H. Schubert, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and R. K. Taft, C. M. Rozoff, B. D. McNoldy, J. P. Kossin, and S. R. Fulton
8:15 AM1B.3Interactions between simulated tropical cyclones and an environment with a variable coriolis parameter  extended abstract wrf recording
Elizabeth A. Ritchie, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; and W. M. Frank
8:30 AM1B.4Phase space-based evaluation of numerical forecasts of cyclone structure evolution  extended abstract wrf recording
Jenni L. Evans, Penn State Univ, University Park, PA; and J. M. Arnott and F. Chiaromonte
8:45 AM1B.5Energetics of idealized hurricane-like vortices  extended abstract wrf recording
Young C. Kwon, Penn State Univ, University Park, PA; and W. M. Frank
9:00 AM1B.6Formation of the Hurricane Eye  extended abstract wrf recording
Jonathan L. Vigh, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
9:15 AM1B.7A Study of Current Data Sets for Outer Wind Radii   wrf recording
Adam Moyer, Penn State University, University Park, PA; and J. L. Evans
9:30 AM1B.8Objective identification of annular hurricanes using GOES and reanalysis data  extended abstract wrf recording
Thomas A. Cram, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and J. A. Knaff, M. M. DeMaria, and J. P. Kossin

Monday, 24 April 2006: 8:00 AM-9:45 AM, Regency Grand BR 1-3

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