29th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

Session 3A

 Tropical Cyclones and Climate: Seasonal Forecasting
 Chair: Kevin Walsh, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC Australia
1:15 PM3A.1Verification of 12 years of NOAA Atlantic seasonal hurricane forecasts  extended abstract wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Eric S. Blake, NOAA/NCEP/NHC, Miami, FL; and R. J. Pasch and G. D. Bell
1:30 PM3A.2Intraseasonal predictions of tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic Ocean   wrf recordingRecorded presentation
James I. Belanger, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and P. J. Webster and J. A. Curry
1:45 PM3A.3The non-stationary correlations between West African precipitation and Atlantic hurricane activity  extended abstract wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Jon M. Schrage, Creighton Univ., Omaha, NE; and A. H. Fink and S. Kotthaus
2:00 PM3A.4Caribbean/Central American hurricane landfall probabilities  extended abstract wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Philip J. Klotzbach, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
2:15 PM3A.5Environmental signals in property damage losses from hurricanes  extended abstract wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Thomas H. Jagger, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL; and J. B. Elsner
2:30 PM3A.6On the development of seasonal tropical cyclone prediction schemes for the Fiji region   wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Savin S. Chand, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia; and K. J. E. Walsh and J. Chan
2:45 PM3A.7Statistical forecast model for tropical cyclone formation in the Australian region   wrf recordingRecorded presentation
Angelika Werner, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Monday, 10 May 2010: 1:15 PM-3:00 PM, Arizona Ballroom 6

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