12D.7 The variable gross moist stability

Thursday, 13 May 2010: 9:30 AM
Tucson Salon A-C (JW MArriott Starr Pass Resort)
Zhiming Kuang, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA; and J. A. Andersen

Gross moist stability (GMS) is an important concept in present theories of the tropical mean circulation, and is implicated in some recent models of intraseasonal variabilities as well. In this study, we examine variations of GMS using a limited-domain cloud-system resolving model (CSRM). Feedback from the large-scale circulation is included using the steady state version of the approach by Kuang (2008). Responses of moist convection and variations in GMS to varying sea surface temperature, horizontal scale, dry advection, and boundary layer convergence are examined. A simple model will be presented to interpret the CSRM results. Reference: Kuang, Z., Modeling the interaction between cumulus convection and linear waves using a limited domain cloud system resolving model, Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 65, 576-591, (2008).
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