8A.4 The Multi-Year Reanalysis of Remotely Sensed Storms Progress Update and Research Overview

Wednesday, 6 June 2018: 9:00 AM
Colorado A (Grand Hyatt Denver)
Anthony E. Reinhart, CIMMS, and NOAA/OAR/NSSL, Norman, OK; and K. L. Ortega and T. M. Smith

In 2012, the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) began processing the Multi-Year Reanalysis of Remotely Sensed Storms (MYRORSS), a historical radar database with all WSR-88D data processed through the multi-radar, multi-sensor (MRMS) software suite. Currently, all reflectivity data from April 1998 through December 2011 has been processed and staff at CIMMS / NSSL have completed a concentrated, manual quality-control effort to review individual radar volumes in order to remove highly problematic volumes filled with corrupt radar data. Doppler velocity processing, using a linear least-squares derivatives technique to identify rotation, has been completed for 3 years, and should be completed in the upcoming months for the remainder of the years investigated thus far.

This presentation will update the community on the progress of the processing of the WSR-88D archive. Ongoing research using the MYRORSS database will be discussed, including a radar-based hail climatology, a rotation track climatology, and severe weather warnings-related investigations. Future processing goals and integration of the results into the FACETs paradigm will also be discussed.

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