32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology


Doppler Velocity Signatures of Large-Scale Hybrid Winds


Wenmei Xia, Jiangsu Institute of Meteorological Science, Nanjing, China; and H. Zhiqun, T. Dazhang, L. Mingzhu, and L. Yuanjian

Lots of actual detective data prove that cold or thermal advection often overlap with macroscale convergence or divergence, this kind of Doppler radial velocity character of recombination wind field is analyzed by numerical simulating in the paper, meanwhile the influence by raindrop dropping velocity is analyzed as well, the value of convergence or divergence in each latitude can be gotten quantitatively from radar PPI pictures according to these figures of divergence change which get by numerical simulating.

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Poster Session 7R, wind profilers and vertical profiles of reflectivity
Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Alvarado F and Atria

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