32nd Conference on Radar Meteorology


Development of a UHF boundary layer multiple antenna profiler at LaMP/OPGC

Joel Van Baelen, LaMP/OPGC, Aubiere, France

Within the Laboratory for Physical Meteorology / Observatory of Globe Physics in Clermont-Ferrand, we are currently developing a highly portable UHF boundary layer multiple antenna profiler based upon an existing Volcano Doppler Radar (VOLDORAD). The radar objectives are the study of the boundary layer dynamics (3-D wind profiles) with high spatial and temporal resolution and possibly the estimation of turbulent kinetic energy and momentum fluxes.

Technical details are the following: the frequency used is 1238 MHz, the transmitter peak power is 800 Watts, the maximum range resolution is 60 meters and the antennas used are 2 by 2 arrays of Yagi antennas with an individual half power beamwidth of 9 degrees.

In this presentation, we will describe the different steps of development required, show the first try outs of the demonstration system, discuss the preliminary results and plan towards the future operational system.

Poster Session 7R, wind profilers and vertical profiles of reflectivity
Tuesday, 25 October 2005, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM, Alvarado F and Atria

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