169 The Wind Data Error Processiong Using Radial Power Spectrum of Shanghai Radar Wind Profiler Network

Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Zurich (Swissotel Chicago)
CHEN HAOJUN, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, Shanghai City, China; and W. Qindian, S. Jing, Y. Chunguang, Z. Jie, and X. Hao

Wind profiler radar is a new generation of radio sounding wind detecting system, which takes atmospheric turbulence backscattered signal as its main detecting object. It is the most direct source to obtain of high-altitude wind data in addition to the sounding data. In recent years, researches focused on the wind profiler radar detection in the precipitation periods. Studies showing that the detection height of wind profile radar measured in precipitation period are higher than no precipitation period. And the signal to noise ratio (SNR), the refractive index structure constant (CN2), horizontal speed, vertical wind speed and other information provided by the wind profiler could help to know the precipitation process, clearly reflect the start time and the intensity of precipitation. Research makes the application of wind profiler radar data is no longer limit to only study the clear air atmosphere, it can also be used in precipitation periods. However, in the precipitation process, especially in the beginning of the precipitation, due to the uneven rainfall in the local spatial distribution, making detection data of each beam inconsistencies in the space, and the quality control (QC) algorithm of the software used in radar does not identify and eliminate all interference made by precipitation. The software QC algorithm is easily to bias when judging the data, and it leads to the horizontal wind data errors. In this case, you need to find out the QC problems, and re-process the wind profiler radar radial power spectrum data in order to identify and remove erroneous data, to improve data quality of wind profiler radar. Radial power spectrum data of wind profiler radar is a high spatial and temporal resolution, real-time detection information, it can not only be used to extract the wind data, but also can be used to determine the start time of precipitation, to estimate the height range of freezing layer and etc. The radial power spectrum data can be used to verify QC performance of the wind profiler radar software, analyze the wind data errs. Therefore, this paper uses the radial wind power spectrum data of Shanghai wind profiler network radar to analysis and processing the wind data errors. It mainly contains the following steps. First, under the premise of fully know the principle of software QC method; progressively contrast the radial power spectrum data of the high and low mode to identify the location and cause of software QC judgment errors. Second, re-identifying and re-processing the radial power spectrum data in problem period. Third, recalculating the wind data and contrasting with the original data. Case analysis shows that the error wind data processing based on radial power spectrum of Shanghai wind profiler network radar could improve software QC methods and improve the quality of wind profiler radar data.
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