6.5 Global WRF-based Forecast System: Implementation and Applications

Friday, 12 June 2015: 2:15 PM
304 (Raleigh Convention Center)
Todd A. Hutchinson, WSI Corporation, Andover, MA

Since 2003, WSI has been running their proprietary RPM forecast model, based on the Advanced Research version of the Weather Research and Forecast system (WRF-ARW). The forecast system has recently been enhanced to deliver global forecasts through the capabilities provided by the global WRF-ARW system. The global forecasts are run at 18 km resolution out to 3 days with forecast updates every 6 hours. The global forecast data is used to produce automated terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs) and en-route turbulence forecasts. Further, visualizations of the forecast data provide very compelling global views of upcoming weather. The global RPM system runs independently, without the need for lateral boundary data, thus eliminating forecast errors that would normally be caused by inconsistencies between the model forecast and the exterior boundary condition data. In this presentation we will provide details of the implementation, discuss challenges encountered while implementing the system, and present visualizations and derived products from the forecast data. Further, we will also provide examples of how the new system will be used, both by weather forecasters and the general public through media outlets.
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