84th AMS Annual Meeting

Thursday, 15 January 2004
Wet Microburst—Bibliography, Annotation, Data
Room 4AB
Paul J. Croft, University of Louisiana, Monroe, LA; and A. E. Gerard
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As part of a wet microburst study funded by the COMET program, a bibliographic base and reference data set for the Southern Region is being developed. The bibliographic base is intended to provide a reference and resource guide for those in need of information to investigate or predict microburst occurrence. This base consists of a listing of websites, journal articles, media/periodicals, and other resources. Each item is briefly annotated to provide a clear summary of the material. The information is also internally cross-referenced based on select keywords and organized according to its source of origination. The reference database set is being developed from microburst events recorded by NWS Forecast Offices (including BHM, JAN, LIT, MEM, MOB, and SHV) in order to establish the conditions associated with wet microburst occurrence and their observed characteristics. These will be compared to the body of literature in order to establish the population characteristics of southern region wet microbursts within the parent distribution of microbursts. Such characteristics include observed and theoretical attributes of the microbursts, their physical basis, and the physical processes preceding their occurrence. These will provide a basis for improved understanding and prediction of wet microbursts in the southern region of the US. It is anticipated that the reference and resource information will be made available as a notebook, electronic file, and website.

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