84th AMS Annual Meeting

Monday, 12 January 2004: 11:30 AM
The effect of local initialization on Workstation ETA
Room 6A
Brian Etherton, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC; and P. Santos
Poster PDF (256.1 kB)
Mesoscale and convective scale features such as sea breezes, outflow/boundary interactions, and tropical waves are the driving mechanisms responsible for summer time convection across South Florida. These features are frequently initialized and represented poorly by nationally provided forecast models. The advent of the Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) has provided the ability to ingest local data sets into the high resolution LAPS analyses that capture and represent better some of these features. This paper will present preliminary results of a study focusing on the impact of using LAPS to initialize the Workstation Eta. The emphasis will be on studying the impact on the model skill to depict temporal and spatial characteristics of the convection. Long term plans include incorporating locally generated high resolution SSTs into the Workstation Eta initialization cycle to study its impact.

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