84th AMS Annual Meeting

Wednesday, 14 January 2004: 9:00 AM
A globally relocatable Numerical Weather Prediction system based on WRF and ADAS
Room 605/606
Richard L. Carpenter Jr., Weather Decision Technologies, Norman, OK; and G. M. Bassett, K. A. Brewster, D. Weber, Y. Wang, J. A. Brotzge, K. W. Thomas, F. Kong, and D. Jahn
Poster PDF (337.4 kB)
We describe the development of an NWP system based on WRF and ADAS that can be deployed internationally. The ARPS Data Analysis System (ADAS) is used to process GFS output as well as rawinsonde and METAR observations. The resulting analysis is remapped to the WRF grid. WRF is then run using the GFS as boundary conditions. Parallel computing is performed on a Linux cluster.

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