87th AMS Annual Meeting

Session 2: The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium

The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium

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Monday, 15 January 2007

9:00 AM-10:15 AM: Monday, 15 January 2007

Plenary Session for the Presidential Forum (Presidential Forum will then run parallel to other sessions throughout the day)
Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Thursday, 18 January 2007

8:20 AM-12:00 PM: Thursday, 18 January 2007

Oral Session Part I
Location: 217C (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Sponsor: The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium
Organizer: Sumant Nigam, Univ. of Maryland

  8:20 AM
Introductory Remarks - Dian Seidel

  9:00 AM
Drought in North America: The Solar-ENSO Connection
Mark Cane, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY

  9:45 AM
Poster Viewing with Coffee Break

  11:45 AM
Eugene Rasmussen and the early history of TRMM
Gerald R. North, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

9:45 AM-11:00 AM: Thursday, 18 January 2007

Poster Session 1
Poster Session
Location: Exhibit Hall C (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Sponsor: The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium

The robust lifecycles and seasonal impacts of El Niņo and La Nina events
Narasimhan K. ("Sim") Larkin, USDA Forest Service, Seattle, WA; and D. E. Harrison

The impact of wind farms on downstream storm tracks
Daniel Barrie, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; and D. B. Kirk-Davidoff

Ocean instabilities captured by breeding on a global ocean reanalysis
Matthew Joseph Hoffman, University of Maryland, Applied Math and Scientific Computing Program, College Park, MD 20742, MD; and E. Kalnay, J. Carton, and S. C. Yang

Interannual variation of the instability waves in the tropical Pacific Ocean
Soon-Il An, Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Global variations in oceanic evaporation: what caused the upward trend in the recent decades?
Lisan Yu, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA

Ensemble forecasts starting from coupled bred vectors with NASA coupled general circulation model
Shu-Chih Yang, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and E. Kalnay, M. Rienecker, and M. Cai

Bio-Climate Feedbacks and ENSO Phase-locking
Raghu Murtugudde, ESSIC/Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD; and J. Ballabrera-Poy, R. H. Zhang, and A. J. Busalacchi

Atmospheric water vapor transport and the hydrology of (Southwest) North America
David S. Gutzler, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; and M. Strong and Z. Sharp

1:30 PM-5:00 PM: Thursday, 18 January 2007

Oral Session Part II
Location: 217C (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Sponsor: The Eugene Rasmusson Symposium
Organizer: Clara Deser, NCAR

  1:30 PM
Joy of climate analysis and monitoring
Kingtse Mo, NOAA/NWS/NCEP, Camp Springs, MD

  1:45 PM
A quick tour of ENSO impacts research from the 1980s to the present
Chester F. Ropelewski, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, Columbia University, Palisades, NY

  2:00 PM
The role of satellite observations in analyzing large-scale precipitation
Phillip A. Arkin, ESSIC, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

  3:00 PM
Coffee Break in Exhibit Hall and Raffle

  3:30 PM
  3:45 PM
Continental-scale hydrologic analyses and its development over the past Forty years.
Eric F. Wood, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

  4:00 PM
Progress towards hydrometeorlogical forecasting
Soroosh Sorooshian, Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing (CHRS), University of California, Irvine., Irvine, CA

  4:15 PM
  4:30 PM
Communicating with Museum Audiences about Climate Science: Contributions of Gene Rasmusson
Peter Schultz, U.S. Climate Change Science Program, Washington, DC; and E. Shugart

  4:45 PM
Gene Rasmusson as mentor
Mathew A. Barlow, University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Lowell, MA

  5:00 PM
Milestones on the road to climate system science
Eugene M. Rasmusson, University of Maryland, College Park, MD