87th AMS Annual Meeting

Poster Session 1: Lidar Applications In Atmospheric Studies

Wednesday, 17 January 2007: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Exhibit Hall C (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Chairs:  Raymond M. Hoff, JCET/Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County
Cochairs:  Zhien Wang, University of Wyoming
Simulation testbed for atmospheric LIDAR applications
Hilary E. Snell, AER, Inc., Lexington, MA; and J. S. Hager and T. S. Zaccheo

Poster PDF (525.7 kB)
Satellite to ground-based lidar comparisons using MPLNET data products
Timothy A. Berkoff, Goddard Earth Science and Technology Center/Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, Greenbelt, MD; and L. Belcher, J. R. Campbell, J. D. Spinhirne, and E. J. Welton

Poster PDF (793.5 kB)
Howard University Raman Lidar results during WAVES 2006 field campaign
Mariana Adam, Howard University, Washington, DC; and R. Connell, D. Venable, D. N. Whiteman, B. B. Demoz, and E. Joseph

Poster PDF (259.7 kB)
Generation of visibility map at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) using LIDAR data
R.L.M. Chan, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong; and P. W. Chan and A. Y. S. Cheng

Poster PDF (1.3 MB)
First results from the Measurements Of Humidity in the Atmosphere and Validation Experiment (MOHAVE) Overview of the Campaign and First Results
Thierry Leblanc, JPL, Wrightwood, CA; and I. S. McDermid, T. McGee, D. Whiteman, H. Vömel, and L. Miloshevich

Poster PDF (532.3 kB)
CALIPSO Data at the Nasa Langley Atmospheric Science Data Center
Linda A. Hunt, Atmospheric Science Data Center, Hampton, VA; and C. Trepte and M. T. Ferebee

Poster PDF (2.8 MB)
EarthCARE - Towards a Quantification of Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation Interactions
Tobias Wehr, ESA, Noordwijk, Zuid Holland, Netherlands; and P. Ingmann and D. Lajas

Poster PDF (203.9 kB)
CNR-IMAA lidar system for aerosol study: 6 years of Raman measurements
Lucia Mona, CNR- IMAA, Potenza, Italy; and A. Amodeo, G. D'Amico, M. Pandolfi, and G. Pappalardo

Poster PDF (836.8 kB)
Cloud type classification by combining CloudSat radar and CALIPSO lidar measurements
Zhien Wang, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY; and K. Sassen

Characterization of a dry stratospheric intrusion event based on the application of a Rotational Raman Lidar
Paolo Di Girolamo, University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy; and D. Summa, R. Ferretti, and C. Faccani

Boundary Layer Studies using The Howard University Raman Lidar
Belay B. Demoz, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD; and D. Venable, M. Adam, and D. N. Whiteman

Automated compact EZ Lidars for aerosol and cloud tracking and wind profiling
Iwona S. Stachlewska, LEOSPHERE Lidar Environmental Observations, Palaiseau, France; and L. Sauvage, P. Chazette, J. Sanack, J. P. Cariou, and M. Valla

Poster PDF (493.5 kB)
AURA (TES), Radiosonde and Howard University Raman Lidar Intercomparison and Water Vapor Retrieval in the Waves Campaign
Eduardo Landulfo, Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares/CNEN-SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil; and B. Bojkov, D. N. Whiteman, B. B. Demoz, D. Venable, M. Adam, R. Connell, E. Joseph, H. Vömel, A. Sobral Torres, R. F. Gisbert, and J. Comer

Application of CCNY Lidar and ceilometers to the study of Aerosol Transport and PM2.5 monitoring
Leona Charles, The City College of New York, New York, NY; and S. Chaw, F. Moshary, B. Gross, S. Gedzelman, S. Ahmed, and V. Vladutescu

Poster PDF (2.9 MB)
Aerosol optical properties from tropospheric Lidar and sun photometer during the GOA Aerosol Arctic Campaigns 2005 and 2006 at ALOMAR
Alvaro Efraín Bastidas Gustín Sr., Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín, Medellín, Colombia; and E. Rodríguez, M. Frioud, M. Gausa, K. Stebel, N. Prats, S. Mogo, B. Torres, C. Toledano, A. Berjón, V. Cachorro, and A. M. de Frutos

Poster PDF (1.3 MB)
Saharan dust uptake over Sahel associated with the inter-tropical discontinuity dynamics: observations and numerical simulation
Cyrille N. Flamant, IPSL/CNRS, Paris, France; and D. Bou Karam, P. Tulet, and C. Mari

Aerosols and Clouds: Improved knowledge through space borne Lidar measurements
Dulce Lajas, ESA, Noordwijk, Zuid Holland, Netherlands; and P. Ingmann, T. Wehr, and A. Ansmann

Poster PDF (1.3 MB)
Development and Demonstration of a Fiber Laser Sounder for
Michael E. Dobbs, ITT Industries Space Systems, LLC, Fort Wayne, IN; and B. Moore, E. V. Browell, and J. S. Hager

Sangwoo Lee, Science & Engineering Services, Inc., Columbia, MD; and G. Li, J. Lei, I. H. Hwang, C. R. Prasad, H. S. Lee, and K. H. Kwon