5th GOES Users' Conference


High spatial and temporal resolution retrievals obtained from the combination of GOES-R multispectral ABI and joint polar satellite ultraspectral radiances

William Smith Sr., Hampton Univ., Hampton, VA; and S. Kireev, D. Zhou, A. M. Larar, X. Liu, M. D. Goldberg, and E. M. Maturi

With the cancellation of the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES) for GOES-R, mesoscale resolution vertical sounding measurements from GOES will not be possible, thereby compromising the intended storm prediction applications of the next generation geostationary satellite system. In an attempt to alleviate the consequences of this dilemma, an algorithm is being developed for achieving mesoscale resolution vertical soundings through the combination of high horizontal and temporal resolution multispectral radiances observed with the GOES Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) and high vertical resolution ultraspectral sounding radiances observed from the Joint Polar System (JPS) of NPOESS and MetOp operational satellites. Results from trial applications of this algorithm are provided using ABI/JPS simulations based on airborne and MetOp interferometer data observed at the ARM cart-site during the April-May 2007 Joint Airborne IASI Validation Experiment (JAIVEx). The limitations of this hybrid geostationary and polar satellite radiance assimilation approach for achieving the mesoscale storm prediction objectives of GOES are discussed.

Poster Session 1, Fifth GOES Users' Confererence Poster Session
Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 2:30 PM-4:00 PM, Exhibit Hall B

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