Eighth Symposium on the Urban Environment
Timothy R. Oke Symposium


Evaluation of the TEB model under cold and snowy conditions for the Montreal Urban Snow Experiment (MUSE) 2005

Aude Lemonsu, CNRM, Météo France, Toulouse, France; and S. Bélair, J. Mailhot, and S. Leroyer

Using the Montreal Urban Snow Experiment (MUSE) 2005 database, surface radiative and energetic exchanges are simulated in offline mode with the Town Energy Balance (TEB) and the Interaction between Soil-Biosphere-Atmosphere (ISBA) parameterizations over an heavily populated residential area of Montreal during the winter-spring transition (from March to April 2005). The first objective is to qualify the ability of TEB-ISBA to simulate realistic radiation and energy balances with and without snow. The second objective is to evaluate and improve TEB's snow parameterization by using snow properties measurements done during intensive obervational periods (IOPs). Finally, an analysis of the residual term of energy balance, including contributions of snow melt, heat storage, and anthropogenic heat, is proposed. These different contributions are quantified for time period IOP1-IOP2 using modeling and observations, and compared.

Joint Session 9, Urban Energy Balance
Monday, 12 January 2009, 1:30 PM-2:30 PM, Room 124A

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