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(Invited Talk) Fire at the Urban Interface: The San Diego County Wildfires of October 2007

Jim Purpura, NOAA/NWS, San Diego, CA

Massive wildfires in southern California October 2007 burned around 400,000 acres, and destroyed over 2,000 homes. The fires killed 9, injured 155 (mostly firefighters), and caused widespread evacuations, including a 21 hour evacuation of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in San Diego, in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood.

This presentation will focus on the fires that occurred in San Diego, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties between October 21st and October 23rd, 2007. Weather patterns leading to the event will be discussed, as well as forecasts and on-site support to firefighters and emergency services personnel before, during and after the event.

NWS Service Backup and how it was implemented in this case will be discussed, as well as the relationship between the fires and the NWS/USGS Debris Flow Forecast Program.

wrf recording  Recorded presentation

Joint Session 2, Observations/Studies of High—Impact Weather in Urban Regions
Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 1:30 PM-3:00 PM, Room 124A

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