89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Monday, 12 January 2009
Promoting Authentic Student Research Using MYNASA DATA
Hall 5 (Phoenix Convention Center)
John D. Moore, Burlington County Institute of Technology, Medford, NJ; and L. H. Chambers and S. W. Moore
“Promoting Authentic Student Research Using MYNASA DATA”

In response to recent national STEM initiatives students need to gain workplace readiness skills that include using real time data, satellite imagery, and computer visualizations for the purpose of conducting student driven research projects. The opportunity now exists for students to develop geospatial thinking using geospatial technologies and databases readily available on Internet servers.

After a brief introduction of the MYNASA DATA project for K-12 educators, this paper will focus on products available through the MYNASA DATA server that will include examining the use of NASA data sets applied to “Google Earth”. Students now have the unique opportunity to geo-reference data and study the planet from a Space to Earth view, and/or an Earth to Space view using the MYNASA DATA and other data sets such as GLOBE data and work in international collaborative groups. The presentation will introduce the SPACE to EARTH: EARTH to SPACE (SEES) geo-referenced educational model.

Through the use of this cutting edge technology, students are now able to conduct authentic research developing critical thinking skills along with developing higher levels of proficiencies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics preparing the next generation of Geoscientists.

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