89th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Session 6: Air quality and climate change—II

Wednesday, 14 January 2009: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
Room 127A (Phoenix Convention Center)
Cochairs:  Carey J. Jang, EPA and Jonathan E. Pleim, EPA
  4:00 PM
AIRS, OCO and Options for Future Global Greenhouse Gas Observations
Thomas Pagano, JPL and California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA; and C. E. Miller, S. W. Boland, and M. Chahine

  4:15 PM
CCN Predictions from Global WRF/Chem: Sensitivity to Activation Parameterizations, Gas-Phase Mechanisms, and Aerosol Modules
Xin-Yu Wen, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC; and Y. Pan, Y. Zhang, A. Nenes, S. Ghan, and R. Easter

  4:30 PM
Development of the coupled 2-way WRF-CMAQ system
Jonathan E. Pleim, EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC; and D. Wong, R. Mathur, R. Gilliam, J. Young, T. Otte, S. Roselle, F. Binkowski, and A. Xiu

  4:45 PM
Analysis of current and projected air quality levels in Canada with AURAMS
Veronique S. Bouchet, EC, Dorval, QC, Canada; and S. Cousineau, L. P. Crevier, A. Duhamel, J. Racine, M. Sassi, and M. Moran

  5:00 PM
Climate Change Impact on Air Quality in High Resolution Simulation for Central Europe in Project CECILIA
Tomas Halenka, Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic; and P. Huszar and M. Belda

  5:15 PM
Aerosol Influences on Tornado Genesis
David Lerach, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; and B. Gaudet and W. R. Cotton