Session 5 Field, Laboratory, and Modeling Studies of Air Quality—Part III

Wednesday, 26 January 2011: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
3A (Washington State Convention Center)
Host: 13th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry
Brian Lamb, Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA and Jason K. Ching, USEPA/ORD/NERL/AMD, NERL, Atmospheric Modeling Division, Research Triangle Park, NC

4:00 PM
Fine scale sensitivity studies of meteorological and air quality simulations using CMAQ and urbanized WRFV3.2 for Houston area for TexAQS 2006
Jason K. Ching, USEPA/ORD/NERL/AMD, Research Triangle Park, NC; and R. Gilliam, G. Sarwar, J. M. Godowitch, A. Martilli, F. Salamanca, M. Tewari, and F. Chen
4:15 PM
An intense dust event over Mediterranean basin during June 2006: model description and evaluation with in situ data
Francesca Calastrini, CNR-IBIMET, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy; and C. Busillo, F. Guarnieri, M. Gaetani, E. Valentini, A. Taramelli, S. Becagli, S. Nava, R. Udisti, F. Lucarelli, and M. Pasqui
4:30 PM
Fine particulate matter modeling in Central California, Part I: Application of the Weather Research and Forecasting model
Raphael Rogers, Weather Analytics, Bethesda, MD; and A. Deng, D. Stauffer, Y. Jia, S. T. Soong, S. Tanrikulu, S. Beaver, and C. Tran
4:45 PM
Fine particulate matter modeling in Central California, Part II: Application of the Community Multiscale Air Quality model
Scott Beaver, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Francisco, CA; and S. Tanrikulu, C. Tran, S. T. Soong, Y. Jia, R. Rogers, A. Deng, and D. R. Stauffer
5:00 PM
Atmospheric formaldehyde sources in an urban winter environment
Farah Abedin, Washington State University, Pullman, WA; and H. W. Wallace, M. H. Erickson, J. McCoskey, J. Vaughan, B. K. Lamb, T. VanReken, and B. T. Jobson

5:15 PM
CMAQ and dispersion modeling of 1,3-butadiene for the Houston-Galveston Area
Beata Czader, Univ. of Houston, Houston, TX; and B. Rappenglueck, S. S. Isukapalli, X. Tang, and P. G. Georgopoulos
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