92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012)

Session 7A Applications of Remote-sensed Datasets on Asian Monsoon and ENSO

Tuesday, 24 January 2012: 3:30 PM-5:15 PM
Room 245 (New Orleans Convention Center )
Host: 18th Conference on Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography and Climatology/ First Joint AMS-Asia Satellite Meteorology Conference
Cochairs:  Bin Wang, university of Hawaii and Huijun Wang, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  3:30 PM
Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: Sources of Variability and Predictability (invited)
Bin Wang, Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI; and B. Xiang

  3:45 PM
Exploring the Initiation of Intraseasonal Variability in the Indian Ocean (invited)
Peter J. Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA; and V. E. Toma, G. Stephens, and R. H. Johnson
  4:00 PM
Intraseasonal Variations of Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor in Asian Monsoon Region by Using AIRS Data (invited)
Jianping Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China; and R. Zhan and A. Gettelman
  4:15 PM

  4:45 PM
IMPROVED Prediction of the VERTICAL DISTRIBUTION of HEATING for the Asian Monsoon FROM A Suite of Mesoscale. MODELS Authors
Dr. Tiruvalam N. Krishnamurti, Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, FL; and A. Bhardwaj and A. Simon
  5:00 PM
Climatology and Case Studies of Extreme Precipitation Events From TRMM Observations
Yaping Zhou, Morgan State Univ., Greenbelt, MD; and W. K. M. Lau, D. Wu, and W. K. Tao

Applications of Satellite Observations of Outgoing Longwave Radiation and Sea Surface Temperature to Studies on the East Asian-Western North Pacific Summer Monsoon Circulation and Rapid Phase Transition