7B.5 A New Compact Polarimetric Solid-State X-Band Radar: System Description and Performance Analysis

Wednesday, 9 January 2013: 11:30 AM
Room 12A (Austin Convention Center)
Bradley M. Isom, Enterprise Electronics Corporation, Enterprise, AL; and J. Helvin, M. Jones, and M. Knight
Manuscript (1.4 MB)

Incorporating the latest in weather radar technology, the new SDR series of X-band radar available from Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC) delivers a compact, powerful system capable of providing a wide array of radar products for the protection of people and assets. The X-band's dual-polarization capability approaches the performance of larger systems, but has the added advantage of advanced waveform design through the use of dual solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA). Frequency modulated waveforms allow for traditional sensitivity levels to be reached, while minimizing range sidelobes through the use of pulse compression techniques. A frequency-diverse wideband waveform design provides a solution to the blind zone typically associated with low-power systems. A choice of power levels provides a tiered array of options for a variety of anticipated applications. Polarimetric radar products utilize advanced techniques to accurately estimate rainfall and classify scatterer returns. A powerful suite of radar products is provided by the IQ2 signal processor, ready to be incorporated into a variety of applications including city flood planning, sports stadiums or events, deep sea oil platforms, and mobile applications. A brief system description will be presented as well as preliminary data collections demonstrating the capabilities of the radar. The new SDR series X-band radar designed through a partnership between EEC and the University of Oklahoma Advanced Radar Research Center is a step forward in commercial weather radar production and extends the availability of high-quality rainfall estimation and asset protection to a new array of users.
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