Themed Joint Poster Session Drought Prediction and Applications from a Hydrological Science Perspective Posters

Monday, 7 January 2013: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Exhibit Hall 3 (Austin Convention Center)
Hosts: (Joint between the 27th Conference on Hydrology; the 25th Conference on Climate Variability and Change; and the 20th Conference on Applied Climatology )
Christa D. Peters-Lidard, NASA/GSFC, Hydrological Sciences Lagoratory, Washington, DC; John B. Eylander, US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, Hanover, NH and Siegfried D. Schubert, Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, Greenbelt, MD

The Global Drought Information System—A Decision Support Tool with Global Applications
Michael J. Brewer, NOAA/NESDIS/National Centers for Environmental Information, Stennis Space Center, MS; and R. Heim

Reformulation of the Drought Code in the Canadian Fire Weather Index System Implemented in New Zealand
Yang Yang, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand; and M. Uddstrom

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HydroXtreme-MaP: A Global Real-time Hydrological Modeling System for Flood and Drought Monitoring and Prediction
Xianwu Xue, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and Y. Hong, J. J. Gourley, R. F. Adler, and Y. Zhang

Remote Sensing Detection of Droughts and Efficient Water Resource Allocation in Korea
Jihoon Jung, Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul, Korea, Republic of (South); and B. J. Kim and S. H. Ahn

Development of a Remote-Sensing Based Framework for Mapping Drought over North America
Christopher Hain, University of Maryland, Camp Springs, MD; and M. C. Anderson, X. Zhan, M. D. Svoboda, B. Wardlow, and I. E. Mladenova

Factors affecting land surface model spin-up behavior in the high resolution North American Land Assimilation System (NLDAS)
Jiarui Dong, NOAA/NCEP/EMC, College Park, MD; and M. Ek, B. Cosgrove, Y. Xia, and J. Meng

An integrative analysis of drought in the Southeastern United States
Jonghun Kam, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ; and J. Sheffield and E. F. Wood

Uncertainties, Relationships, and Optimal Blends of Ensemble-Mean NLDAS Drought Indices
Youlong Xia, NOAA/NCEP, College Park, MD; and M. B. Ek, D. Mocko, C. D. Peters-Lidard, J. Sheffield, J. Dong, and E. F. Wood

Assessing Future Changes of Extreme Surface Temperatures over the southern United States
Ze Yang, University of Texas, Austin, TX; and R. Fu and D. N. Fernando

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