654 Climatology of Sounding-derived Parameters Associated with Tropical Cyclone Tornado Outbreaks

Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Richard W. Dixon, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX; and T. Moore and C. G. Townsend

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Radiosonde sounding-derived parameters are analyzed for 54 cases of tornado outbreaks associated with tropical cyclones from 1995-2011. We define a tropical cyclone tornado outbreak as six or more tornadoes occurring in a six hour period. All the tornadoes are associated with a land falling or post-landfall translating tropical cyclone. Parameters address the thermal and moisture environment, winds, and air parcel dynamics and thermodynamics.

Descriptive statistics for the 12 identified parameters are presented to document the central tendency and variability of atmospheric conditions associated with these outbreaks. Additionally, results of both Cluster Analysis and Principal Components Analysis are presented to aid in understanding commonalties in groups of sounding-derived parameters and tropical cyclone tornado outbreaks.

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