4.1 The Satellite Foundational Course for GOES-R: A Collection of Lessons to Prepare National Weather Service Forecasters for GOES-R

Monday, 23 January 2017: 4:00 PM
620 (Washington State Convention Center )
Bill Ward, NWS, Honolulu, HI; and A. Mostek, R. Van Til, L. Spayd Jr., F. W. Alsheimer, M. T. Stavish, D. Nietfeld, B. C. Carcione, N. Eckstein, W. Abshire, P. Dills, G. T. Stano, J. G. LaDue, M. A. Bowlan, D. Bikos, B. H. Connell, E. Szoke, E. L. Dagg, S. Bachmeier, S. Lindstrom, J. Gerth, and T. Schmit

The scheduled launch of GOES-R presents a generational opportunity to train National Weather Service Forecasters on new Satellite Data and Products.  The Office of the Chief Learning Officer in concert with Cooperative Institutes and representative SOOs has spearheaded the development of 39 short training modules and 2 Weather Event Simulator (WES) exercises to introduce and cement the learning objectives.  Seven different sub-sections comprise the Foundational Satellite Training:  An Introductory suite (Three training modules totaling 40 minutes);  Spectral bands (Five training modules totaling 120 minutes);  Baseline Products (Eight training modules totaling 90 minutes);   Geostationary Lightning Mapper (Two training modules totaling 40 minutes); Mesoscale and Synoptic-Scale Phenomenological Features (Eighteen training modules totaling 210 minutes);  Numerical Weather Prediction Data Assimilation (three training modules totaling 30 minutes) and WES Case Studies (two case studies totaling 120 minutes).  These modules will be briefly described;  the lessons will be ready at the scheduled launch of GOES-R so that forecasters can be introduced to and become familiar with the material and learning objectives.  The Foundational Course will be available through the Commerce Learning Center Learning Management System (LMS) so that forecasters are trained and ready prior to the GOES-R Data flowing into the National Weather Service Forecast Offices, River Forecast Centers and National Centers.
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