321 MetPy's Recent Updates and the Road to 1.0

Monday, 23 January 2017
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Ryan M. May, UCAR/Unidata, Boulder, CO

Handout (2.3 MB)

MetPy is an open-source Python package for meteorology, designed to fit well within the the scientific Python stack (numpy, matplotlib, etc.). Its goal is to bring the scripted weather analysis capabilities of GEMPAK (and tools like it) to the powerful scientific Python ecosystem. The guiding principle is to make MetPy easy to use with any dataset that can be read into Python. MetPy’s general functionality breaks down into: reading data, meteorological calculations, and meteorology-specific plotting.

This work provides an overview of recent additions to MetPy’s suite of capabilities, from MetPy’s core developers as well as community contributors, including: GINI file support, station model plotting, gridding of point observations, and additional calculation functions. The plans for next steps in MetPy’s development are also discussed, and input from the community on these next steps is actively solicited as part of the presentation.

The longer term plans for MetPy are also discussed. As MetPy’s user base grows, it is important to examine what features are needed for MetPy to be ready for a 1.0 release, and the stable API guarantees 1.0 brings. Part of this discussion also includes needed changes to existing features.

Supplementary URL: https://unidata.github.io/MetPy/

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