1486 Aeronautical Radio Inc. Computer (A.R.C) Software Modification on the Gulfstream IV-SP (GIV)

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Katrina J Rosemond, NOAA, Greensboro, NC

The NOAA hurricane research Gulfstream IV (G-IVaircraft has a Tail Doppler Radar System (TDRS) with two independent vertically scanning weather radars. Each radar system has an Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC) Computer or ARC box that reads the current angle of the common radar antenna pedestal from a serial interface connected to a common servo controller. The boxes also read the current aircraft GPS/INS data from an ARINC-429 avionics databusThe ARC boxes each package this data in a specified format and send it via User Datagram Protocol (UDP) datagrams to its respective radar processing workstation. Considering the data being fed in by the ARC is common to both units, it is desired to have only one unit read in the serial and 429 data and create multiple data streams. Therefore the objective of this research is to increase reliability of the TDRS by providing a software modification to the source code on the G-IV’s ARC boxes and combine the two units so only one is needed

Utilizing Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), revisions to the current C source code was made to ensure only one ARC box was ingesting data. The updated code was then cross-complied into the embedded linux operating system for operational use. The modification will enhance NOAA’s ability to collect accurate in situ, high quality hurricane storm data and help to increase the precision of the National Hurricane Center storm tracks in order to prepare local governments for impending severe weather to reduce loss of human life and property.

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