S114 Tropical Cyclone Awareness and Preparedness in Cape Verde

Sunday, 22 January 2017
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Ayesha Wilkinson, NSF, Locust Grove, GA

Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, made up of 10 islands which are about 350 miles off the west coast of Africa, lies the country of Cape Verde comprised of ten islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean off of the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, is one nation at risk from the changing climate and tropical cyclone development due to its location. Future climate change through warmer ocean temperatures could threaten the entire population, economics development, and public health. Cape Verde does not have a radar so tracking tropical development is almost impossible expect through satellite data. Cape Verde does not have experience with tropical cyclones and is an independent nation therefore Cape Verde is extremely vulnerable. The goal of this project is to assist the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Geofisica (INMG) in Cape Verde’s and the citizens through preparedness. This occurred through communicating weather risk effectively in the form of flyers, website design, and educational modules. Tropical cyclone watches and warning flyers were created to communicate the weather hazards to people who do not have internet access. The website designed was created for government officials, broadcast meteorologists, and those with internet access.  Educational modules were designed to teach children from grade school to young adults and family to prepare for a tropical cyclone and inform the various impacts. I will continue to work with INMG to keep Cape Verde prepared for future tropical cyclones.
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