S224 The Microscale impacts on Temperature and Humidity in the Snake Range in Eastern Nevada

Sunday, 22 January 2017
4E (Washington State Convention Center )
Alexander Burton, Ohio University, Athens, OH

It is known that mountainous environments have different impacts on temperature, humidity, and other parameters due to microscale patterns in comparison to the free atmosphere. Even though many of these effects on the mountainous regions are known, there still exists gaps in the knowledge and some uncertainty as to why certain things happen. This study will observe and analyze the temperature and relative humidity at different sites along the Snake Range Mountains in Eastern Nevada, coordinates: 38°59′09″N 114°18′50″W. The data that will be analyzed is retrieved from data loggers that are located at different elevations along the East (leeward) side of the mountain range with different vegetation and conditions at the different levels. The goal of this analysis is to further the understanding of microscale effects in mountainous regions, especially on the leeward side of the mountain.
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