Vanda Grubišić

Earth Observatory Laboratory
P.O Box 3000
Boulder, CO
USA 80307

Vanda Grubišić, moderator, is the NCAR Associate Director for the Earth Observing Laboratory and an NCAR Senior Scientist. Formerly of the University of Vienna, Grubišić is a specialist in mesoscale atmospheric dynamics and has played a lead role in several major field campaigns focusing on mountain lee waves and rotors, atmospheric wakes, orographic precipitation, and other phenomena. Before her appointment in Vienna, Grubišić was on the faculty of the Desert Research Institute. She received her doctorate in atmospheric science from Yale University in 1995, followed by a postdoctoral appointment with NCAR’s Advanced Study Program. Grubišić has served on the Policy Committee of UCAR’s Unidata program, NSF’s Advisory Committee for Geosciences, and the UCAR President’s Advisory Committee for University Relations, as well as on EOL’s Observing Facilities Assessment Panel. She is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.